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 Function pointer to member functions

I was writing a simple multi-threaded program (code below). My intent is to
invoke a member function of a class that creates two threads - each thread
executes another member function of the same class. The pthread_create
function used to create a thread requires a pointer to the function that
will be executed. I tried all the possible syntax ideas that came to mind,
but I am not able to pass it a pointer to the member function of the class.
Can someone please point out my error. Thanks.

class test
 void* funcA(void* dud)
  int i=0;
  char c,*d;

 int funcB()
  pthread_t threadId1,threadId2;
  char c,d;
  pthread_create(&threadId1,NULL,this->funcA,&c); //I keep getting
compilation errors for this line. I tried a::funcA, &a::funcA, funcA,
&funcA. None of them work.
  pthread_create(&threadId2,NULL,this->funcA,&d); //I keep getting
compilation errors for this line
  perror("say what");

 test obj;

 Sat, 31 Mar 2007 07:40:19 GMT   
 Function pointer to member functions

Your main problem is cross-posting.

The second problem is that a funcA has a hidden "this" pointer, which is not
passed through for you by pthread_create(). Use a "friend" wrapper, or declare
the funcA as void*funcA(void) and have the "this" pointer passed explicitly:

        pthread_create(&threadId1, 0, (void (*)(void))this->funcA, this);

You'll lose the ability to pass &c or &d pointer, though.

Lev Walkin

 Sat, 31 Mar 2007 08:15:26 GMT   
 Function pointer to member functions

The result of doing the above is still undefined.

POSIX requires that an 'extern "C"' linkage function be passed to

This has been discussed many times and at length in com.programming.threads

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 Sat, 31 Mar 2007 11:58:50 GMT   
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