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 Does anyone find the RSC cards reliable?
I have been going back and forth with the RSC cards in several V880s
and V480s for a while now.  Sometimes they seem to be ok after being
configured, other times they just "stop responding" and none of the
resetrsc commands work.  According to Sun, the only way to fix an RSC
that is not responding to the resetrsc commands is to physically remove
it and replace it.

That is a bit of a problem for me, because the whole goal is to have
console access to systems that I do not have physical access to!

So I guess my question is,  are any of you using these things in the
V880/V480 and if so,  are you encountering any "reliability" issues or
have they just been fire and forget?

I really want to use these things, and I have one or two configured
locally but I am hesitant about configuring boxes that I have no
physical access to because I have to change the  input/ouput devices to
rsc.  Once I do that, I have to have 100% confidence in the RSC card
(which I do not have at this point).

FYI my latest frustration is with a V480 running Solaris 9 that has
2.2.3 of the RSC Software installed that at one point was set up but
now  I can't even configure it, I always get this message after putting
in all of the information needed for `rsc-config`

This script will now update RSC, continue? (y|n): y Updating flash,
this takes a few minutes

rscadm: download rejected, keyswitch in secure mode?

The keyswitch is verified to NOT be in secure mode, so I have no idea
why it thinks it is.  After the first failure if I try to config it


rscadm: RSC firmware not responding

I try to do the reset command:

./rscadm resetrsc

rscadm: RSC firmware not responding

./rscadm resetrsc -s

rscadm: RSC firmware not responding

But for some reason a "rscadm show" prints output... all of the
previous settings (which I need to change)

This is one of the things that worries me, because at one point this
RSC card worked!!!

 Wed, 15 Oct 2008 03:56:05 GMT   
 Does anyone find the RSC cards reliable?
Just a wild stab in the dark but has anyone moved Jumper J1104 on the
480 ? That would probably give you the keyswitch error


 Wed, 15 Oct 2008 20:11:43 GMT   
 Does anyone find the RSC cards reliable?
Thats a good question: if all else fails I guess I will have the
pleasure of walking somone over the phone on how to check.

Jury is still out as to whether or not all this hassle is even worth
it...what I wouldnt give for a good ol' terminal server!

 Fri, 17 Oct 2008 21:53:07 GMT   
 Does anyone find the RSC cards reliable?
I have been running 10 SunFire V480s and 10 SunFire V880s for over
three years.  Other than the original setup and an occasional change of
the IP addresses of the RSC no additional work has been required.
The only issue I have is that one of the V480s halts the OS when a
resetrsc is performed. Since there is not a "-f" argument with the RSC
console command I need to make sure members of my team release the
console when there are finished with the system.

Relibility of RSC and SC capabilities has allowed me to remove older
term servers. On the few occassions when I need a serial line I run a
serial cable from a SunFire V240s or SunFire V440s and use tip.

 Sat, 18 Oct 2008 09:08:46 GMT   
 Does anyone find the RSC cards reliable?

The one 440 you talk about sounds like a bad RSC.

One thing I have discovered; systems where you can telnet to thr RSC

but can get no console output; enter 'bootmode -u' then 'reset'.

Yes they are flaky.

 Sun, 19 Oct 2008 11:52:22 GMT   
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