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 Fixing unaligned access Solaris 2.3
I ran into a situation with an unaligned access on a program run on
Solaris 2.3.  This exact same program worked fine under Solaris 2.2.  
The source was not altered in any way from 2.2 => 2.3.  Is this because
the Solaris 2.3 kernel does not fix the unaligned access' under 2.3 but
did fix them under 2.2?  This would make the 2.3 programs faster
also, right?

Dan Fields
Pacer Software, Inc.
1900 West Park Drive,
Suite 280
Westborough, Ma. 01581

 Mon, 10 Jun 1996 03:48:23 GMT   
 Fixing unaligned access Solaris 2.3
fie...@pacvax.UUCP (Daniel A. Fields) writes:

Unaligned access never worked in any versions of SunOS/Solaris I'm
familiar with.  Programs always bombed out when memory wasn't accessed
at its natural alignment.

More likely explanation:
        - an interaction between a subtle bug in your program and
          slightly different implementation of something in 2.3
        - a new bug in libc/malloc/whatever part of Solaris 2.3
        - a new bug in anew compiler.

So, what's the program and where does it bomb?


 Mon, 10 Jun 1996 17:13:25 GMT   
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