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 Object-Oriented Network Programming tools now available

        The first generally announced release of the ADAPTIVE
Communication Environment (ACE) C++ IPC wrappers are now available for
anonymous ftp from ( in the ftp/gnu directory:

% ls -lt ~ftp/gnu
total 2648
-rwxr-xr-x  1 gnu       1111871 Aug 16 20:13 ACE_wrappers.tar.2.8.Z

The contents of this release encapsulate the following user-level BSD
and System V Release 4 (SVR4) IPC facilities via type-secure,
object-oriented C++ interfaces:

        o Internet and UNIX-domain sockets (including broadcasting)
        o I/O multiplexing via select and poll
        o named pipes (FIFOs) and STREAM pipes (plus connld)
        o the mmap family of memory-mapping APIs
        o System V IPC (i.e., shared memory, semaphores, message queues)
        o SVR4 explicit dynamic linking facilities (i.e., dlopen/dlsym/dlclose)

        The release contains complete source code, documentation, and
example test drivers for the C++ wrapper libraries developed as part
of the ADAPTIVE project at the University of Calfornia, Irvine.  The
current release has been tested fairly extensively on Sun workstations
running Sun OS 4.1.2 and Solaris 2.2.  I expect that most of the
release will port easily to other platforms.

        Several of the wrappers have been described in issues of the
C++ Report and in the proceedings of the 1993 C++ World conference
held in Dallas, Texas in October.  Postscript versions of the most
relevant papers are included in the release.  I've also included a
comprehensive bibliography of other related work the describes the ACE
wrappers and the ADAPTIVE system in more detail

        Please refer to the INSTALL file for information on how to
build and test the ACE wrappers.  Due to the large size of the release
(> 1 Meg) I'm sorry that I will be unable to distribute the ACE
wrappers via email.

        I welcome all comments, bug fixes, and suggestions for improvement.


                Douglas C. Schmidt
Douglas C. Schmidt
Department of Information and Computer Science
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92717. Work #: (714) 856-4105; FAX #: (714) 856-4056

 Sat, 03 Feb 1996 11:28:06 GMT   
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