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 (sol8 (intel))alias rm to rm -i in ksh88

Using the stock ksh that comes with sol8 (intel) how can I alias
the rm command to rm -i without changing the action of rm -rf?

alias rm='rm -i'

Makes rm -rf act like rm -ir.

However this same alias on various other machines (not solaris)
running pdksh bash or ksh93 do not behave this way. (The bsd's and
linux variants)

One way is to alias rmrf='/bin/rm -rf'
Or some other dorky notation but seems there should be a cleaner way.

(That is, besides being a more confident (homeboy) admin that doesn't
need -i ..hehe)

 Wed, 07 Jul 2004 01:27:46 GMT   
 (sol8 (intel))alias rm to rm -i in ksh88
Harry Putnam <> wrote in

anything typed as rm {whatever} will run the alias...

type \rm -rf to explicitly run the rm command, bypassing the alias.

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 Wed, 07 Jul 2004 01:43:06 GMT   
 (sol8 (intel))alias rm to rm -i in ksh88

I may have phrased the query poorly... I guess what I'm asking is why
it is necessary to do anything special on solaris?  How is it
different than the linux variants or the BSDs' on this particular
item.  On those, this problem doesn't arise.  I'm sure there are
a number of ways around it and various things like functions can solve
the problem

I have alias rm='rm -i' on several linuxs and bsds, and in bash, but I
don't see this behavior.  `rm something' gives me the expected query
that -i provides.  `rm -rf somedir' silently deletes the dir.

 Wed, 07 Jul 2004 16:59:13 GMT   
 (sol8 (intel))alias rm to rm -i in ksh88

Use alias rm='/usr/xpg4/bin/rm -i' on Solaris. Or better,
set PATH=/usr/xpg4/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/ccs/bin:... etc.
See "man rm" and "man standards" for the differences.


 Thu, 08 Jul 2004 10:18:32 GMT   
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