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 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format

Firstly, thanks for the replies on how to get a network printer
running on Solaris 2.6.

I have applied patches, installed models and got the printer to
print stuff out.

I have 2 problems left:

Firstly, the page does not have carriage returns when printed,
so I end up with output like:
This is line 1
               This is line 2
                              This is line 3
etc until it runs off the page.

I am guessing that there is a simple fix. Currently I have tried
lpadmin -p LJ8100N -o width=80
but this has not changed the output ..

help please ...

Second problem is that I get 3 banners printed before the file
gets printed. When I schedule with lp -o nobanner <filename>
I only end up with 1 banner page.

The first and 3rd banner page are the same, the 2nd page is different.

1st and 3rd look like:
User:  root
Host:  gfw
Class:  gfw
Job:  add_net_pcl_lp

2nd banner looks like:
##########  User:  root@gfw
##### Title: add_net_pcl_lp
#####  Date: Tue 14:53 May 22,  2001
#####   Job: LJ8100N-19

Any ideas gratefully accepted.

Many thanks,


 Sat, 08 Nov 2003 15:26:09 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format
A quick update:

I have found the Solarisx86 FAQ and modified the model file
as per Q6.3 "How do I suppress the banner page ..."

Now I have only 1 copy of the banner printing both when I
submit the job by:
        lp -o nobanner add_net_pcl_lp
        lp add_net_pcl_lp


Any ideas ?



 Sat, 08 Nov 2003 15:48:50 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format
On Tue, 22 May 2001 15:26:09 +0800, Systems Administrator
   <> wrote:


Is the banner page configured in the printer/network adapter? On
JetDirects, its possible to configure it to print a banner page.

Otherwise, take a look at /rtc/lp/model/[net]standard, and change the
default value of nobanner to no.

A bientot
Paul Floyd        (for what it's worth)
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 Sun, 09 Nov 2003 05:34:19 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format
Hi Paul,

I am not using Jetdirect .. the printer has a built-in ethernet
adapter and talks TCP/IP, so I don't need to use JetAdmin etc ..
Also, it is part of a number of PCs on a network as the normal
printer and all other stuff prints out fine (from Word/ our own
applications/web browsers etc - even text files).

I would guess that it is the printer driver under Solaris that
is causing all the idiosyncrasies ..  :(

This had already been done .. and I still get the single banner .. this
is the confusing bit  :(

The FAQ I read showed me how to change the default, so I now
have a nobanner_netstandard model file which I point to .. I
guess that there may be other significant words in the model
file, but SUN documentation is a bit light on for how to interpret
the model file, so I remain in the dark ..



 Sun, 09 Nov 2003 13:44:27 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format

If it's an HP printer, yes, yes you do.

Using HP's JetDirect software eliminates ALL of the headaches you're having,
and makes setting up the printer a breeze.

Saying, "But it works okay on my PC," doesn't mean diddly to a UNIX box. The
printer was designed for PCs [primarily], and comes with PC drivers, so of
course it's going to work fine on a PC!

A PC text file ends each line with a carriage-return and linefeed, while UNIX
text files only have "newlines," interpreted by an HP printer as a linefeed
only. This is where the stair-stepping comes from. It's been a "feature" of HP
printers for as long as HP printers have been attached to UNIX systems.

That's the thing. There are no "printer drivers" per se in UNIX. UNIX
applications print ASCII text or PostScript graphics.

It means the printer is generating the banner :)

 Sun, 09 Nov 2003 20:52:45 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format

If it is an HP and it is generating the banner, then it is easy.
Telnet into the printer, enter the "/" character and inspect
the setting of the Banner variable.   If it says "Enabled",
enter "banner 0".

Check again with "/", then enter "exit" and answer "Y" to the
save prompt.

If you have old JetDirect firmware, you might need to enter
"banner:0" or some such, enter "?" for a command list.

Hope this helps -- Volker

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 Sun, 09 Nov 2003 21:14:33 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format
Hi Mathew,

OK - more detail then. I use(d) JetAdmin under NT4 to do the initial
configuration of the printer (IP address etc). Given that this was
all up and running, and that even text files printed from a PC
do not get a banner page, then I jumped to the conclusion that the
banner page was being produced by the Solaris box.

Another reason why I thought that this was the case was that banner
page 1 and banner page 3 were identical - same positioning, same
font, same words, same location.

I found that editting the model file removed 2 of the banner
pages, pages 1 and 2, but not the other banner page. (Actually,
it may have removed banner pages 2 and 3, I have no way to tell).

OK - it was an example to try and illustrate that there were not
printouts (banner pages) when printing was done from other than the
Soalris system.

I accept that .. the question I have is what has to be changed under
Solaris (maybe in the model file -- I don't know) to fix it?

Hmm .. I had it set up using a PS driver (model file) and all I got
was header pages (see above) and one blank page. I changed to PCL
printer and am where I am now .. no <CR> and more than the required
number of banner pages.

 Mon, 10 Nov 2003 18:12:36 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format

Telnetting into it sounds good .. what are the defaults for
username and login - or does the 8100N not have any security
for telnet?



 Mon, 10 Nov 2003 18:14:10 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format

Sounds like a job for RTFM Man!

However, I don't think there is any security on JetDirects by default.

You got nothing to lose by trying.

 Mon, 10 Nov 2003 21:30:43 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format

Again, "It works ok on my PC," don't mean diddly :)

The NT and UNIX print server portions of the JetDirect card are completely
separate. The settings for the NT print server have no bearing on the UNIX

I'm still puzzled by the fact that you got 3 banner pages. Maybe your Solaris
box was sending, "Here's a banner page, print a banner page" to the printer,
and the printer was printing its own on top of that?

All I know is that I've never had a problem with networked HP printers as long
as I was using JetAdmin or JetDirect software on the Solaris print server
machine. I've tried to do it "manually" and had very little luck, so I always
use HP's software.

 Mon, 10 Nov 2003 21:40:23 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format
In alt.solaris.x86 Mathew Kirsch <> wrote:

Indeed that is a *good* advice. Although last time I checked
jetadmin was only available for Solaris SPARC.
But..., I actually found one version of jetadmin for solx86
from somewhere. Sorry don't recall now, it was a couple of
years ago. But I still got the file jetadmin.0.9.sun_x86.tar.Z

-- Sverker

 Mon, 10 Nov 2003 22:26:23 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format
Hi again,

Aaahh .. OK, though it seems strange if both are using TCP/IP (I have
disabled IPX on NT except for the couple of PCs that use JetAdmin for
setting up the HP printers) so I was assuming that a TCP/IP print
request to the printer was being handled the same way - especially
if both system were talking to a PCL printer.

I am also puzzled - after reading the reply I thought that maybe
the Solaris system was printing the 2 same banner pages, but I recall
that I found the section in the model file that printed the one unique
banner.  Since I told that section "nobanner = yes" the system stopped
printing 2 of the three banners .. one still left.

I am getting suspicious that the model file is responsible so I may
have to unpick it even further .. nothing else is making much sense
(but I will still telnet to the printer and see what I can see ...)

Yeah - on the PCs it works fine .. a query - are you using JetAdmin for
Solaris under x86 or do you have a SPARC box .. reason is that HP do
not produce JetAdmin for x86 and Soalris .. only JetAdmin for Win and
JetAdmin for Solaris on SPARC, not Solaris on x86 ..  :(  (at least
not for Solaris 2.6 ..)?



 Mon, 10 Nov 2003 22:39:46 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format

Here's what's happening.  It has to do with how the netstandard interface
script works.

You would expect the banner page generated by netstandard to be prepended
to the print job and transferred in one network connection by the netpr
program.  For whatever reason (I'm guessing it's because of how a multi-file
print job is handled), that's not what happens.

Instead, the netstandard interface generates a banner page, makes a BSD
protocol connection, and submits the banner page to the printer as if it
were a print job.  Then the interface makes another BSD protocol connection
and submits the file(s) for the print print job to the network printer
as if they were a second print job.  In both of these BSD protocol sessions,
the protocol's control file includes the L line, which asks the printer
(which is emulating a BSD print server) to print a banner page.

So the printer thinks it receives two print jobs with the same job id,
and both are asking the printer for a banner page.  It looks to you and
me like three banner pages, but the printer thought it was two print
jobs that needed banner pages.  The end result is the printer's banner
page, followed by the Solaris banner page, and the printer's banner page
followed by the print job.

I'm going to open a bug asking that the netstandard interface always
tell netpr to omit the L line in the BSD control file (ask the printer
to not print its own banner).  Then the only banner will come from
Solaris, and it will be less confusing to everyone.  It will be a fairly
low priority bug, since it doesn't cause real problems in printing.
It just confuses people and wastes paper.

+++++ Greg Andrews +++ +++++
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 Tue, 11 Nov 2003 05:11:40 GMT   
 Another simple queries - no carriage return when printing - funny format


(sound of light bulb turning on.)

I can see what is happening now. Many thanks.

Now to fix it.



 Tue, 11 Nov 2003 10:13:42 GMT   
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