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 RSC firmare not responding, but can login using telnet
When creating new users on a RSC in a 480, I just noticed that the
rscadm utility responds to each command with
[2|51]host:/root# /usr/platform/`uname -i`/rsc/rscadm version

rscadm: RSC firmware not responding


login using Telnet works, however:
rsc> version
RSC Version: 2.2.3
RSC Bootmon version: 2.0.0
RSC Firmware version: 2.2.3

Another 480, pretty identical because both have:
* same RSC Versions
* OS is 9 12/02 (I know...) both similarly and recently patched
* exact same SUNWrsc package (I copied it from one to the other)

'sup with that? I want to semiautomate user creation, not do it using
the RSC's own login console!

Do I have to reset the RSC as a first measure to see if it goes away?
Given my luck, the box goes AWOL the exact second I do that.

lg, Bernd

 Sun, 20 Jan 2008 23:02:08 GMT   
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