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 Linux 0.99 patchlevel 9
The latest kernel release is 0.99.9, and can be found on
pub/OS/Linux/PEOPLE/Linus, both as patches relative to pl8 and as full
sources.  The only major new feature is that the ST-0x driver has
finally been updated to the scatter-gather code: ST-0x users should with
luck get about 5 times the performance on disk-operations..  Seagate
code written by Drew Eckhardt.

0.99.9 also fixes:
 - the FPU-emulator should now handle all rounding-modes correctly, and
   pass all the paranoia package tests.  Patches by Bill Metzenthen.
 - bootup enhancements by Chrisoph Niemann (but the SVGA mode numbers
   have changed, so you may have to edit your lilo configuration file
   and/or the main Makefile to get the mode you normally want)
 - ext2fs updated to the very latest release.  Code by Remy Card and
   Stephen Tweedie.
 - various minor patches, some of them cosmetic, some of them fixes to
   smaller bugs..  Thanks to everybody who sent them in (even though not
   all made it)

It might be a good idea to test it all out,


 Wed, 11 Oct 1995 11:04:54 GMT   
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