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 : linux 0.99 patchlevel 11 now contains the newest linux kernel: this is 0.99
patchlevel 11. I've had a few problems with the "ls" and "dir" commands
on nic, so if this is true for others as well, you may not be able to
see the files, but they are available as:


                - RELEASE-0.99.11  --  release notes
                - README  --  same as RELEASE..
                - linux-0.99.11.tar.gz  --  full sources
                - linux-0.99.patch11.gz  --  patches against pl10

I don't know if I'll actually have the energy to update the RELEASE
files every time, but that's the idea (with README being a copy of the
latest one).  The README gives info on what changed, how to install it,
how to compile the kernel, and what to do with error dumps like "unable
to handler kernel paging request" and the like.  Maybe it results in
better bug-reports.  Maybe not.

Pl11 uses (as you all know by now) C++, so you'll need to have g++
installed.  Also, there seems to be problems compiling the newer kernels
with gcc-2.3.3: there have been various reports that even pl10 (which
isn't C++) had problems which go away when compiled with gcc-2.4.3 or

As always, please send any bug-reports etc at least Cc'd to me: I'll be
wanting to know if things work or not.


---------- cut-down version of README ----------

        Linux kernel release 0.99 patchlevel 11

These are the release notes for linux version 0.99.11.  Read them
carefully, as they explain how to install the kernel, and what to do if
something goes wrong.

CHANGES since 0.99 patchlevel 10 and earlier:

 - The keyboard is dynamically changeable (this is true of pl10 as
   well), and you need to get the "keytables.tar.z" archive to set the
   keyboard to suit your taste unless you want to live with the default
   US keymaps.

   Use the "loadkeys map/" command to load the keyboard map: you
   can edit the maps to suit yourself if you can't find a suitable one.
   The syntax of the keyboard maps should be obvious after looking at
   the examples.

 - The memory manager has been cleaned up substantially, and mmap()
   works for MAP_PRIVATE.  MAP_SHARED is still not supported for
   anything else than /dev/mem, but even so it actually is usable for a
   lot of applications.  The shared library routines have been rewritten
   to use mmap() instead of the old hardcoded behaviour.

 - The kernel is now compiled with C++ instead of plain C.  Very few
   actual C++ features are used, but even so C++ allows for more
   type-checking and type-safe linkage.

 - The filesystem routines have been cleaned up for multiple block
   sizes.  None of the filesystems use it yet, but people are working on

 - named pipes and normal pipes should hopefully have the right select()
   semantics in the presense/absense of writers.

 - QIC-02 tape driver by Hennus Bergman

 - selection patches in the default kernel

 - fixed a bug in the pty code which led to busy waiting in some
   circumstances instead of sleeping.

 - Compressed SLIP support (Charles Hedrick). See net/inet/CONFIG

[ rest deleted  - see the README for more info ]

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