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 Uncorrupt version of Fvwm-0.96 uploaded to sunsite.
Sorry about the first try, folks, but the version of fvwm-0.96 which
was uploaded to sunsite on Sunday was corrupt. I have corrected the
problem now. The problem was either:
1. The result of a nearby lightning strike, and ensuing component
2. A stupid mistake on my part.

In either case, I failed to double-check the upload. Sorry.

For anyone who missed the original announcement for fvwm-0.96:
Fvwm release 0.96 (source and binaries) has been uploaded to sunsite,
as file /pub/Linux/Incoming/fvwm-0.96-source.tar.z and
/pub/Linux/X11/Incoming/fvwm-0.96-binaries.tar.z. They will probably be
moved to /pub/Linux/X11/window-managers.

Fvwm is a light-weight window manager which provides a simple virtual
desktop, a 3-D look for windows decorations, and color icons.

Memory consumption for Fvwm is about 1/2 to 1/3 that of twm.
Fvwm is targeted at machines with too little memory, and at laptops
on which mouse usage may be awkward. All window manager functions
can be performed (conveniently) without a mouse.

In this release we have many new features:

1. Color Icons can now be shaped color icons, like ctwm or a Macintosh
2. A Maximize function has been added for mwm fans.
3. The pager has been upgraded. It is more easily interpreted, with
   pager-window colors matching their full-size counterparts. You can
   now move windows in the pager, and set the input focous in click-to-focus
4. A user-selectable number of title-bar buttons are available (up to 10).
5. You can now have partially undecorated windows, omitting either the
   title-bar or the border, or both.

Bug Fixes:
1. Can now bind keyboard keys to actions in icon windows.
2. Fixed the parsing of EXEC and RESTART functions for key bindings
   in the root window.
3. No longer provides stray mouse-button releases to windows (used to
   make xmeter crash sometimes.
4. Fixed a problem which resulted where moving the mouse fast
   at the end of a window move would cause the window to show
   up in the wrong page.


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