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 BMV - GhostScript front end for Linux, version 1.1 released
Hello everybody, Unix users in particular,

I am glad to announce a new release of BMV - version 1.1.

What is BMV ?                
BMV is a small program written by my with help of many people on the
net. BMV serves as a front-end for GhostScript, public domain
PostScript interpreter. I use it mainly for previewing PostScript
files generated by DVIPS from my TeX documents. Using BMV you can
view your documents comfortably, with zooming and shifting. It is not
yet as good as DVISCR from EmTeX but IMHO it can do all the main

It currently runs under Linux and William Bader
( has ported it to SCO Unix. I hope that more
ports will follow shortly.
It does not need X Windows and is therefore perfectly suitable for
low-end machines (even 386SX with 4MB will do).

Where to get it from?
I have just uploaded bmv-1.1.tar.gz onto
It should be eventualy moved to: /pub/Linux/apps/graphics/viewers

What is new in this version:
Many small improvements, the greatest ones being: colour support,
virtual console switching, more tolerance towards PostScript file
format, more command line switches, more interactive commands,
port to SCO Unix.

I will be glad if you get and try it and let me know about the bugs
you find and improvements you suggest.

---- LSM -----
Title:         BMV          
Version:       1.1
Entered-date:  20. 1. 1995
Description:   BMV is a front end for GhostScript. Using BMV you can
           preview your PostScript files comfortably. It uses SVGAlib
           and it is intended for Linux users who cannot run X. It is
           particulary suitable for previewing PS files from dvips.
           It is small and fast.
Keywords:      PostScript, GhostScript, Dvips, Linux, SVGAlib, TeX
Author: (Jan Kybic)
Maintained-by: (Jan Kybic)
Primary-site: /pub/Linux/apps/graphics/viewers
           40kB bmv-1.1.tar.gz      
Platform:      Linux, SVGAlib, GCC, make
Copying-policy: GPL


Jan Kybic <>

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PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.

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