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 minor corrections to the Nascent CDROM announcement
As has been pointed out by two readers, the original Linux from
Nascent distribution on CDROM announcement had a couple errors.

The announcement mentioned a 75% discount off the purchase price of
$89.95 through the month of September.  The orderform specified a
discount `if ordered before August 1', this should have read been `if
ordered before October 1'.

The announcement also listed `OpenWindows(TM) 3d window manager' as a
feature of the Linux from Nascent distribution on CDROM, this should
be `OpenLook(TM) 3d window manager'.  OpenWindows(TM) is a commercial
product of Sun Microsystems and is definitely not included on the

A corrected announcement and orderform are available via anonymous ftp

along with a file listing of the CDROM.  Sorry for any confusion this
may have caused.

Shawn Mclean
Nascent Technology
811 Haverhill Drive
Sunnyvale CA 94087 USA

Tel: (408) 737-9500
Fax: (408) 241-9390

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