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 SLS or Slackware on disk.
                      Linux SLS or Slackware

Linux is a 32-bit multi-tasking UNIX OS for the PC.  It is free and all
source is available.  Two Linux packages, SLS and Slackware, offer an easy
solution to a full system without having to acquire the many components
separately. SLS is recommended for newcomers to Linux because of its
popularity and user support base (and for those w/ a 5.25" boot drive)
while Slackware, based upon the SLS release, offers an alternative
installation procedure and more "goodies" to play with (3.5" boot disk only).

o SLS Package (Linux version 0.99p11, SLS version 1.03)
              Full set 5.25" 31 disks  $45
              Full set 3.5"  31 disks  $60
              Full set DOS QIC-40 tape $40

              "Linux Installation and Getting Started", Matt Welsh
               150 pg. laser printed PostScript manual.  Focus on
               SLS distribution, excellent new user guide. $9

o Slackware Package (Linux version 0.99p12, Slackware version 1.01)
              Full set 3.5"  25 disks  $50 (must be boot drive)
              Full set DOS QIC-40 tape $40
              Full set 5.25" [not available]
              TeX (from SLS) 3 disks   $6

All releases include all up to date FAQ's, META-FAQ, INFOSHEET and other
documentation covering Linux.

Linux is freely available on the Internet and on many BBS's.  You may
FTP Linux from TSX-11.MIT.EDU

WARRANTY:  Files or disks damaged during shipment will be replaced.  
           This offer does not include support from me, Slackware or
           SLS (although SLS will provide support for a fee).  Please
           contact me for a hardware compatibility sheet if you have
           questions regarding your particular set up.

TERMS:  Check (5-day hold), money-order, cashier check, bank wire.
        Made payable to Stephen Balbach


        Stephen Balbach
        5437 Enberend Terrace
        Columbia, MD 21045
        (410) 740-1157

Stephen Balbach . Clark Internet Services . Washington D.C./Balt. metro
area . mail . FAX 410-730-9765 . Corp. accounts . Linux on
Disk . 31 disks $45 . . voice 410-740-1157

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