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 NEW: mouse diagnostics (nosey)
        NEW: the nosey package - a mouse diagnostic kit
        At sunsite: /pub/Linux/Incoming/nosey.a00.tgz  (and nosey.a00.readme)

        I've uploaded a mouse diagnostic package at sunsite. This package
is used to verify that your mouse is functioning properly.  It may
possibly help identify the problem if it is not working.

        Run this on a regular virtual terminal (WON'T run properly with X).

        Read and/or run the associated README file to get things started.
The README file (or nosey.a00.readme) is also a bash script.  If you don't
have bash then get it :-), or else read the README for instructions.  This
is a relatively small source only distribution (33K compressed tar file).

        This is an early but (I think) complete release. If you have
a known working mouse, please try it and post or email your results
(this will help be identify any outstanding problems). Thanx.

35:PkgName    = nosey.a00.tgz
35:Title      = Nosey - a mouse device diagnostic for Linux.
25:Version    = a00
65:Desc1      = This package contains the sources to create a mouse
65:Desc2      = device diagnostic kit for Linux. It can work with
65:Desc3      = most manufacturer's mouse devices.
65:Author     = current -
65:MaintBy    =,
65:MaintAt1   = pub/linux/???
65:PathFile1  =
65:MaintAt2   =
65:PathFile2  =
65:Required1  = Linux 0.99 pl10+
65:Required2  = GCC 2.4.5+
65:Required3  = lib 4.4+
65:CopyPolicy = Freely redistributable.
65:Keywords   = linux, mouse diagnostics, nosey, Migrant Computing Services
15:ApproxSize = 33K compressed tar file
65:Last3Rel   = n/a
65:Comment1   = Needs further verification and clean up.
65:Comment2   =
65:Comment3   =
30:CheckedBy  =
 8:Date       =
Gil Nardo                  |
Migrant Computing Services | (415)664-1032 (voice)
1032 Irving Street, #435   |-----------------
San Francisco, 94122       | Save the Universe: Stop Entropy Now!

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