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 Sod2 v1.0 (music file player) uploaded to sunsite
Sod2 is a CSF music file player. Since CSF is a new (invented) format
and sod2 is the only player for it, example CSF files and the samples
required to play them are included.

Here's why you should play/write CSF files instead of, say, Amiga

- You can play as many notes at once as you want.

- When you play a new note on a (virtual) channel, the old note
  doesn't stop (unless you want it to).

- The samples you use for the voices can be any sample rate and any

- You can add a sustain/release volume envelope to a note after it's
  been repitched, which helps to hide the speeding-up/slowing-down of
  the sample and keep the notes the same length.

That should have got a couple of people interested, at least. :-)

Although the CSF file and the samples it uses are normally kept
separate (to save disk space, for one thing!), you can package them
into a tar file (which sod2 will play directly) with the 'csf2tar'
program which comes with sod2. (csf2tar needs Perl to run.)

Here's the LSM entry:

--------------------------- cut to the chase -----------------------------
Title:          Sod2
Version:        1.0
Entered-date:   07FEB95
Description:    Sod2 is a polychannel csf music file player. These files
                are played in a similar way to Amiga modules (mod
                files), but are greatly extended, allowing an
                arbitrarily large number of channels and notes to be
                played simultaneously, on any device that will work in
                the way /dev/dsp does. On non-Linux systems, a raw
                sample file is written instead.
Keywords:       sound music audio player sample csf polychannel
Author: (Russell Marks)
Maintained-by: (Russell Marks)
Primary-site: /pub/Linux/apps/sound/players
                29758   sod2-1.0.tar.gz
                14950   sod2-examples.tar.gz
                2487050 sod2-samples.tar.gz
Platform:       Soundcard (or pcsndrv) needed for real-time playback.
Copying-policy: program:GPL, examples:free-but-copyright, samples:PD
--------------------------- cut to the chase -----------------------------

/ : russell marks :: :: speak softly and carry a +6 kitten : \
| GCS -d+ -p+ c++++ l++ u++ e+(*) m+@ s+/++ n--(---) h+(*) f+ !g w+ t+ r- y? |
\ ::: "His world is under anaesthetic - subdivided and synthetic" - Rush ::: /

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