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 Bash 1.13.cwru (beta) available for Linux
Finally available for Linux: bash 1.13cwru (beta).

Chet Ramey gave me permission to distribute a beta version of bash 1.13. I
recommend everyone who needs a good /bin/sh substitute (e.g., for running
INN 1.4 or Configure scripts) to upgrade to this version. I've been using
it for months without any problem. Bash 1.12 has lots of bugs which give
problems with, e.g., INN 1.4 or Configure scripts.

NOTE:   Because of this public bash release I will no longer maintain
        NetBSD's ash: ash is smaller than bash but has much more bugs!  If
        somebody wants to take over the ash for Linux port, mail me. I can
        send you my mail folder with bug reports.

I've made two binaries: a small one called sh which is nothing more than a
Bourne shell replacement (no job control, no command line editing etc.)
and a full bash. If you only use bash for running scripts I'd recommend
installing sh, otherwise install bash and make sh a symlink to bash.  The
package contains also the bash manual page.

You can find it at:

The sources and an official patch are available in the same directory in
case you want to compile it yourself (it runs out of the box :-).

LSM entry:

Title        =Bash 1.13.cwru for Linux
Version      =1.13.cwru
Desc1        =Bash is a Bourne shell compatible shell with additional
Desc2        =interactive features like job control and command line editing
Desc3        =Bash 1.13.cwru is a *very* good /bin/sh substitute (1.12 not)
Author       =Chet Ramey
Maintainer   =Arjan de Vet
Path1        =/pub/linux/ports
File1        =bash-1.13-linux.tar.gz
FileSize1    =245330
Required1    =libc 4.4.1 or higher for the binaries
CopyPolicy1  =GNU Public License
Keywords     =bash Bourne shell GNU
Comment1     =Two binaries are provided: bash (full bash) and sh (bash
Comment2     =without job control, command line editing etc.)
Comment3     =Sources available at the same site and directory
Entered      =08SEP93
EnteredBy    =Arjan de Vet


Arjan de Vet                             <> (home)
Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands <> (work)

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