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 Slackware Linux distribution 1.0.2
Announcing version 1.0.2 of the Slackware distribution of Linux.

Slackware is a full-featured distribution of the Linux operating system
designed for computers with a 3.5", 1.44M boot drive. The Slackware release
strives for ease of installation, and as much of the software as possible
has been preconfigured - greatly increasing user "slack."

These disk sets are currently available:

A: Base system.
E: Emacs 19.19
F: All the most current Linux related FAQ lists. (HIGHLY recommended)
G: Games. Currently, this only contains a port of the "fortune" program
   set up to print a random fortune when you log in. I'm open to suggestions
   for other stuff to add when I find time.
Q: This is sort of an alpha-stuff series that may change and/or disappear
   at any time. Currently it contains source for the Linux kernel .99pl13
   alpha, and two .99pl13 alpha zImages, one for IDE and one for SCSI.
X: XFree86 1.3 and related software.

SERIES A (base system) FEATURES:
  -- The system files that go in /bin, /etc, /dev...
  -- Kernel level .99pl12.
  -- Libraries at 4.4.1

  Programming features:
  -- GNU make 3.62
  -- BSD pmake 4.4
  -- GNU rcs 5.6
  -- tvgalib 1.0 (Trident card utilities)
  -- vgalib 1.2 (Tseng/standard VGA card utilities)
  -- Common LISP
  -- Perl 4.0pl35
  -- Linux 0.99pl12 source code
  -- ncurses 1.7
  -- GCC/G++/Obj-C 2.4.5
  -- GNU de{*filter*} (gdb) 4.8
  -- p2c 1.19 (Pascal to C translator)
  -- GNU Smalltalk 1.1.1
  -- f2c (Fortran 77 to C translator)
  -- TCL Toolkit

  Editors/Text utilities:
  -- Selection 1.5 (Cut/paste from the screen)
  -- joe 1.0.8
  -- jove 4.14.10
  -- GNU troff 1.05
  -- GNU ghostscript 2.6.1
  -- ispell spell checker

  -- Taylor UUCP 1.04
  -- Cnews
  -- Linux NET-2 (uses /conf directory in recommended fashion)
  -- deliver (simple mail delivery program)
  -- Smail 3.1.28 with tons of sample files. (Thanks goes to Ian Kluft!)
  -- traceroute utility
  -- nn 6.4.18 newsreader
  -- tin 1.1pl8 newsreader
  -- trn 2.5 newsreader
  -- elm 2.4pl21
  -- mailx
  -- term 1.0.7

  Other extra shells/utilities:
  -- tcsh 6.04 with preconfigured csh.cshrc
  -- Second extended fs utilities, v. 0.3
  -- Time zone configuration
  -- DOS emulator source v. 0.49, with the libipc problem patched.
  -- sc spreadsheet v. 6.19
  -- national (changes virtual console fonts)
  -- cpio 2.2 (backup utility)
  -- GNU diff 2.0
  -- Elf binary support library and conversion utility.
  -- bc 1.02 (number cruncher)
  -- pdksh v. 4.7 (Public domain ksh)

SERIES E (Emacs 19.19) FEATURES:
  -- This 5 disk series contains Rik Faith's port of Emacs 19.19 for Linux.
  -- All the LISP source and extra files are included. (Thanks Rik!)

  -- Linux HOWTOs:
     -- Ethernet, Installation, Net-2, UUCP, and indexes/META-FAQ.
  -- comp.lang.c FAQ, GCC/G++ FAQ, TCL FAQ, Objective-C FAQ, Fortran FAQ.
  -- Linux main FAQ.
  -- LISP FAQ, LISP Window systems FAQ, OOP in LISP FAQ, Scheme FAQ.
  -- comp.lang.perl FAQ.
  -- Postscript FAQ.
  -- comp.unix.questions FAQ.
  -- FAQ, OpenLook GUI FAQ, X on Intel FAQ.

  -- Currently, just the "fortune" program. Set up to hook into your
     /etc/profile so that users get a free fortune when they log in.

SERIES Q (Experimental stuff) FEATURES:
  This holds things that are currently being tested, or are alpha and are
  not going to be added until official versions are released.
  -- Linux kernel source .99pl13 alpha
  -- IDE zImage .99pl13 alpha
  -- SCSI zImage .99pl13 alpha

  -- Complete XFree-86 1.3 binary release, including all programming utilities,
     libraries, include files, and the link kit.
  -- XS3-0.4.4 replacement X server for S3 based cards.
  -- monochrome and color xterms.
  -- OpenLook Window Manager
  -- libgr 1.2 graphics library.
  -- Simplified X windows setup procedures from the TAMU Linux release.
  -- PEX extentions package
  -- Slingshot/UIT examples.
  -- Interviews 3.1 idraw and doc.
  -- GNU chess 4.00pl62 with xboard 2.1pl11
  -- XV 3.00 Shareware image/document viewer
  -- Lots, and lots more!

The Slackware Linux release can be found on in directory
/pub/linux/slackware. All of the disks except for the bootdisk are also
available as zoo archives in /pub/linux/slackware/zooed_disks. These will
be kept up to date.


Patrick Volkerding


 Fri, 23 Feb 1996 05:24:49 GMT   
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