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 Linux Software Map (LSM) & Entry Template: 05SEP93
Linux Software Map and Entry Template                        Release: 05SEP93

Where to find the files:
Initially, they will be in the incoming directories of sunsite and tsx-11,
but afterwards, this is where they'll appear: /pub/Linux/docs/lsm-05SEP93.gz
                 /pub/Linux/docs/lsm-template-05SEP93.gz  /pub/linux/docs/lsm-05SEP93.gz

The new release:
Well, I'm about 5 days late, but I *did* get a new release of the LSM out.
The format of this release might not be permanent, but given the changes in
the database and the template, it seemed to be most appropriate.  I'll take
any comments or suggestions for changes if you feel otherwise.  This time,
there were around 1100 entries, of which about 100 of those were newly updated
entries or newly entered entries.  Maintenance deletions took out about 35

The new software:
I've got the initial phase of my conversion from DBaseIII+ in DOS to DiamondBase
in Linux completed.  All of the functionality of the DOS system is there, but
in a more workable language and format.  I've named the program LSMAP (LSM
Access Program) for now, but that will eventually change as time goes on.  I
plan on making it a full-fledged database application, complete with full-
screen entry and browsing modes.  At this time, it only interprets commands off
of a command prompt.

One thing that you will see as a result of the new software is more frequent
releases of the LSM.  To be truely useful, the LSM must be released often,
to keep up with the changing state of things.  The new software has allowed me
to automate some of the tedious things I did and should improve the lag time.
I apologize for the long delay in getting this release out, as I wanted to use
the new software before trying to update 2 different systems simultaneously.

If you really-really want to get a copy of the new software I wrote for the LSM,
you are welcome to a copy.  Just take it with the following things in mind:
its beta, its incomplete, its beta, you need 132x43 or better text resolution,
and, its BIG (3MB+)  Did I mention it was beta?  If you want source, you'll need
to acquire the DiamondBase library for the database component.  I make no claims
to its reliability or usability at this point.  In other words, you're on your
own.  E-Mail me at for more info.

The new template:
I've included a brief list of the changes, taken from the text of the template
file.  For complete instructions, see lsm-template-05SEP93.gz .

If you look over the changes, I think you'll find that the template is yet again
slightly different, but easier to use than before.  It's much more free-form,
a result of getting control of the access program I'm using.  One of the features
all of you minimalists will like is that you don't need to include ALL of the
fields...just the ones you fill in.  There are expanded numbers of descriptive
fields as well as a reorganization of how I take in email addresses and site,
path, file and filesizes.

What's New:
Changes in 05SEP93:

No field lengths are needed in the actual template entry.  I've got the lengths
in the field description section of this document.

You can leave fields out.  If they're blank, leave 'em out.

Expanded fields: 5 lines of descriptions, 4 lines of required, 2 lines of
copypolicy, 4 comment lines, 3 lines of relatedfiles, 4 site/path/file/size

Site, Path, File and Size are now separate fields.  Also, there are 4 possible
site/path/file/size groups allowed.  This should cover just about anything.

Author and email have been split up.

Entered and Enteredby have been split up.

PkgName and Last3Rel are gone.

Things that were 65 chars are now 80.  In general, areas that didn't have
enough space were expanded to hold what was coming in.

Descriptions of fields used in the LSM template
Field:len          Description
-----------        -----------------------------------------------------------------
Title:40           The name of the package.  example: "Emacs text editor"
Version:25         The version number or designation.
Desc1:80           5 lines of text describing the package's function or purpose.
Desc2:80              The more descriptive you are the more useful the entry will be.
Author:65          Who wrote the package originally, or, the person who ported it.
AuthorEmail:40     The author's email address, if known.
Maintainer:65      Who currently maintains the code.
MaintEmail:40      The maintainer's email address, if known.
Site1:30           FTP address of the primary site where this package is distributed.
Path1:50           The path at Site1 where the package is located.
File1:40           The filename in Path1 at Site1 where the package is located.
FileSize1:size     The size of the package.  You may use K and MB after a number.
Site2/Path2/File2/FileSize2  (same as first one)
Site3/Path3/File3/FileSize3  (same as first one)
Site4/Path4/File4/FileSize4  (same as first one)
Required1:80       Required hardware or software needed to run this package.  Please
Required2:80          be as specific as possible, for this information is VERY
Required3:80          important.
CopyPolicy1:80     The copyright policy of this package.
Keywords:80        Keywords to use in searching for this package.
Comment1:80        Put any pertenant information that doesn't fit in the above
Comment2:80           fields or categories here.  The more you tell us, the better.
RelFiles1:80       List any related files that come with the package here.
Entered:12         The date you filled out this template. Ex:  05SEP93
EnteredBy:30       Take credit for your work!
CheckedEmail:40    Your email address (if you wish it to be in the LSM)

NOTE: The example file below contains ALL AVAILABLE fields.  You may delete
any fields you do not use.
-------------------------------- cut here ------------------------------------
Title        =
Version      =
Desc1        =
Desc2        =
Desc3        =
Desc4        =
Desc5        =
Author       =
AuthorEmail  =
Maintainer   =
MaintEmail   =
Site1        =
Path1        =
File1        =
FileSize1    =
Site2        =
Path2        =
File2        =
FileSize2    =
Site3        =
Path3        =
File3        =
FileSize3    =
Site4        =
Path4        =
File4        =
FileSize4    =
Required1    =
Required2    =
Required3    =
Required4    =
CopyPolicy1  =
CopyPolicy2  =
Keywords     =
Comment1     =
Comment2     =
Comment3     =
Comment4     =
RelFiles1    =
RelFiles2    =
RelFiles3    =
Entered      =
EnteredBy    =
CheckedEmail =


Again, this is not the way things have to be in future versions, but I
think its a positive step forward.

-Jeff.  :)  (

Jeff Kopmanis       (Ann Arbor, Michigan)   |  email:
Organizer of the Linux Software Map (LSM)   |  phone: (313) 393-4784 (work)
"So shines a good deed in a weary world."  -Willy Wonk

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