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 SVGATextMode version 0.6, the new way of looking at text modes
Hi, linux users!

Here's the announcement of the newest version of SVGATextMode, as described
below in the Linux SoftWare Map file entry:

Title: SVGA textmode manipulation/enhancement
Version: 0.6
Entered-date: 13MAR95
Description: Uses extra features found in all SVGA video cards to enhance
             Linux text modes independently of what the BIOS can do. It is
             configured with an XF86Config-like file, and allows setting of
             pixel clock, H/V timings, font size, etc. Now you can use your
             video card AND your monitor to the MAX in textmode, as you
             used to do in XWindows. Current support includes S3, ET4000,
             Cirrus Logic, Trident, Western Digital, ATI and Video7
             (Headland techn.) cards. It can also use an external clock
             program. Supports S3 special clock chips (largely untested).
             Includes: palette changer, clock probe, text/graphics mode
             grabber (for Linux and DOS), automatic font loading, monitor
             definition (H/V frequency limits), cursor size setting.
Keywords: SVGA console text screen monitor clock
Author: (Koen Gadeyne)
Maintained-by: (Koen Gadeyne)
Primary-site: pub/Linux/utils/console (or "incoming")
              185k SVGATextMode-0.6.tar.gz
Alternate-site: pub/linux/sources/sbin (or "incoming")
Platform: Linux PC with one of the supported VGA cards, kernel 1.1.54 or newer.
Copying-policy: Freely Redistributable

The previous version (0.5) was SEVERELY braindamaged (lots of bugs).
Hopefully this time I REMOVED more bugs then I added...

The most important changes relative to my previous version (0.5) consist of
the following:

- Added support for Video7 (Headland Technologies) chipset. Untested!

- fixed a bug in OPT_SWAP_HIBIT for WDC cards. Using the "option swap_hibit"
  flag didn't work.

- added automatic font loading. This is a major feature improvement. You can
  define a font loading program and a font table in the TextConfig file, and
  from then on, SVGAtextMode will automatically start the font loading
  program with the appropriate font for the selected text mode.  At last,
  you only need to run just ONE program to change the entire text mode.
  SVGATextMode runs all other programs by itself. Now let's hope it works...

- fixed a stupid bug that produced an error about using a 0 MHz clock when
  using ClockChip ICD2061A.

- fixed ANOTHER stupid bug that found an incomplete clockchip line when
  there was none defined, after having found a ClockProg line. I must have
  had a bad day there...

- added flags: -r : don't run ResetProg
                    When used in the /etc/rc.d/rc.font file to load a new
                    mode at boot time, the ResetProg doesn't need to be
                    run yet: there's nothing to restart yet. This flag
                    avoids running the ResetProg.
               -f : don't run FontProg
               -c : don't program clock (but do the rest)
                    Interesting to use when clock selection doesn't seem to
                    function properly.

- programmable cursor position and size: lets you define what the cursor
  looks like. Underline cursor, block cursor, whatever you like!

- added 'HorizSync' and 'VertRefresh' parameters to config file, to define
  monitor's limits, and avoid loading a mode that the monitor cannot handle.
  Same syntax as in XF86Config.

  NOTE that the default is to only allow VGA timings (30-32 kHz!), so if you
  switch from an older version (that didn't check this) to 0.6, all your
  extended modes will be REFUSED! You must add these two lines to TextConfig
  if you want to use your extended text modes again!



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