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Trans-Ameritech presents LINUX SLS/Slackware AND 386BSD and MULTYMEDIA CD-ROM.

A new Linux CD-ROM is available! But not just Linux. Also 386BSD and more.
Here is a brief summary of why we think this CD-ROM is the best.
As the price of only $30 puts it in the same price category as the JANA
product, I'll base my comparison on it.

We provide 2 versions of SLS distribution - a very stable 1.02 and the new 1.03
and also the SLACKWARE distribution! Linux installs directly from the CD-ROM
on almost any hardware configuration.

1. The Trans-Ameritech Linux CD-ROM is not just a mirror of some ftp site.
In addition to the full SLS distributions we supply a "live" image of a
configured system. This is great if you don't want files that are not used
very often to garble your hard disk. One example is manpages - use them
directly from the CD-ROM. Same applies to emacs lisp files, info files etc.
How many fonts do you need? Have them all! Space is no problem.

2. Uncompressed sources are available for instant reference.

3. Several versions of the Linux kernel are provided precompiled to cover
different hardware options including drivers for Sony-31A and Sound Blaster

4. Patches to support sound cards are included. Take this compiled kernel IF
YOU WANT. If not - use a small kernel with no unused ballast.

5. Install Linux directly from the Sony-31A or Sound Blaster CD-ROM drive as
well as standart SCSI and Mitsumi types.

6. We are running Linux on several PCs to make sure that our configurations
really work. We don't wait for official SLS release for certain extra drivers
and utilities. If they work here, we include it as an option on the CDROM.

7. For your convenience a full recent distribution of 386BSD *NIX is provided
on the same CD-ROM.

8. Some space is dedicated to what takes too much room on hard disks -
sounds and pictures. They are usable with the Linux sound/gif tools and under
MS-DOS too!

9. A few choice MS-DOS applications are included in the assumption that the
majority of Linux users run DOS occasionaly. Or use it from dos-emu!
Most of the MS-DOS stuff comes from the SIMTEL20 archive. Naturally only part
of it made it to the first CDROM. However the new releases will include other
files from SIMTEL20, GARBO etc. So if you subsribe to the Trans-Ameritech
Linux+ CDROM, you will not only get updated Linux, but over a year you will get
the full SIMTEL20 collection as an extra bonus.

10. Trans-Ameritech is a well established company with efficient organization
to guarantee on-time printing and shipping of this product. There will be a
significant discount if you subscribe for future releases.

But the best part is that YOU will decide what to put on the next edition!
We'll count votes and provide most popular software on the next one.

Credit card orders are wellcome. Call Trans-Ameritech at (408) 727- 3883.

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