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 newspak beta testers wanted
[...for those who don't know, newspak is basically an integrated set of
        linux-specific config files taken from everybody's fine ports of
        uucp, news, and mail programs to Linux.

        Newspak currently contains README.linux files and config files to
        be able to compile and install the following:

                news transport:  cnews 2/23/93 Performance Release, INN 1.4
                news readers  :  trn 3.3, tin 1.2p1, nn 6.4.18
                mail transport:  smail 3.1.28
                mail readers  :  elm 2.4.22
                uucp          :  taylor uucp 1.04

        It is not *my* work, but is the assembled work of many, many people
        in comp.os.linux ...]

I'm looking for a few beta testers for a major revision to the NEWSPAK set
of config files for Linux.  Anybody interested should please contact me by
mail at the address below.  I'd like to get this release out by Sept 15th
if things continue to look good.

There is no "One True Directory Structure" regardless of how much everybody
whines about their 'standards' not being followed.

The most recent released version of newspak-1.7 contains a mix of paths,
some from the SLS distribution of the spring (in packages that I used to
run but don't run here any more) and some that are very non-standard that
follow the way I do paths here.

The main change in this release is an effort to allow people to pick whatever
'standard paths' they want, yet make implementing those changes simple and
reliable.  There are dozens of places that you have to be very careful in
ensuring that all the transport agents and user agents agree on where
things are located.

People who have run the late, great, Bnews in years past and know what you
used to do with '' will find it much, much easier to localize
and set up, but the basic idea is the same.

The setup looks something like this:

        - edit one "" file to set your personal paths you wish to
                follow.  This is an input file for sed so the format is
                very well known and documented.

        - run a simple shell script that I provide to take my generic
                config files and generate ones with your preferred
                pathnames in them

        - drop the config file(s) you just generated for the kits you want
                to compile on top of the vanilla sources you can grab from
                "the usual *nix source archives"

        - follow the normal compilation, installation, and configuration
                procedures for the piece(s) of software you're installing.

        - go for a few "virtual beers" and buy one for Linus and one for me
                if you're so inclined.  Make mine Rolling Rock, please.

Future releases of newspak may contain some of the following depending on
whether somebody else gets there first before I get either too upset at
the whining (and do it myself) or too burned out from the whining (and just
say the hell with it and get out of the newspak business) :

        - a permissions verifier that will report where you have
                and permissions different from what you should have
                (based on how the software author installs things by default)

        - something to fix problems the 'permissions verifier' reports.

     ---------- Vince Skahan --------- -------------
  It'll be great fun for the whole family...with a firearms orientation
                   - incredible adverti{*filter*}t for local outdoors show.

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