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 Onyx a CopyLefted 4gl for Linux
Archive-name:   Onyx/README
Submitted-by: (Michael Kraehe)
Version:        0.12
Subject:        Onyx, a C++ toolpackage for database applications
Archived-By: ( and (00 49 0421 1497)
Status:         Runs fine under Linux and SunOs
Needs:          GNU CC++ Version 2.3.3
Hy folks,

Im now working about 4 Month on this project. My coal was to get rid of
MS-Dogs as a Database client for SQL's.

Perhaps this can become a "killer application for linux" :-)

By Michael.
          Welcome to Onyx a CopyLefted 4GL for Linux

          The  main  goal of Onyx is to be a tool for rapid prototying
          of database applications. The theory behind Onyx is that any
          application consists of the folowing :

          o     Internal tables to store temporary data.
          o     Masks to view and edit these data.
          o     Transaktions  between the internal tables and the rest
                of the world.

            Transaktions can be bound to a menu or a imput  field.  So
          if  the user hits a menu or leaves a input field with CR the
          transaktion will automaticly be started.

            A transaktion can have one or more statements seperated by
          semicolons.   These  statements  can  be classified into the
          following :

          o     Internal  statements  which  copys  data  between  the
                internal tables.
          o     Import  statements  which  copys data from a PIPE or a
          o     Export statements which copy data to a  PIPE  or  exe
                cutes SQL.
          o     Misc  statements  like showing or hiding masks or exe
                cuting other transaktions.

          A Sample Programm

          # First the definition which database should be used for SQL's
          # So the name of the Database is apfel, the engine is shql and
          # the host running the engine is bakunin.
          database apfel%shql@bakunin;

          # This is the name of the program.
          program Apfelpresse;

          # The definition for the internal table
          table kunden
                  name    char 40,
                  strasse char 40,
                  ort     char 30,
                  tel     char 25;

          # This is the input mask for Kunden
          # If the namefield is left by CR the transaktion search
          # will be started
          menu mask Kunden by kunden
                  "  Name     : $",
                  "  Strae   : $",
                  "  Ort      : $",
                  "  Telephon : $",

          # This loads the records into the internal table
          transaktion search {
                  import kunden from
                     select * from kunden where name like "$";

          # This transaktion will be shown in the menu
          menu transaktion save {
               export kunden to
                    update kunden
                         set strasse = "$kunden.strasse"
                         set ort = "$kunden.ort"
                         set tel = "$"
                    where name = "$";

          # printkunde can a shellscript or a compiled C program.
          # the internal table can be read as stdin as a TAB seperated list.
          menu transaktion print {
               export kunden to pipe printkunde;


          The compilation should be done in the folowing steps :

          o     make config
          o     make makefiles
          o     make all
          o     make install
          Now you should edit /etc/services and add :
          o     gsql 1526/tcp
          Next you should edit /etc/inetd.conf and add :
          o     gsql stream tcp nowait root /home/bin/gsqld gsqld

          Futher goals

          I know Onyx is not finished. This Version is a first  alpha,
          it  lacks of documentation, speed, and readability. Also the
          kind of statements in transaktions are not all we  need  for
          developing all kinds of applications.

            So there is a lot work to be done. If anyone thinks he can
          help me he is invited to do so.

          o     4gl.C and transaktion.C should be  rewritten  using  a
                parser generator.
          o     Documentation and examples are realy needed.
          o     There  should  be  more  SQLs  supported  than  shql &
          o     Perhaps there should be a  faster  copyable  SQL  than
          o     Further  dream  can be a real X interface. As the twin
                objects act with expose events this should be posible.

            Many     thanks     for    shql    to    Bruce    Momjian,
          <> Without this  famous  script  SQL
          under Linux was'nt posible, and I dont get the idea for this

               Michael Kraehe <>
PS : Unfortunately I dont have real news Access now :-(
     That means Im reading news about every week because lack of time.
     So write by mail if you wanna answer me !

     | Michael Kraehe  |_________________________
     | 2819 Finkenburg | |__________________
     | +49 4204 1497   | V32bis : +49 421 870532 | ceterum censeo  /
     |_________________| Voice  : +49 421 875500 |      MSDOS     /
                     (___________________________|  delendam esse \

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