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 PCOMM & ZMODEM now work together
This is the latest update for pcomm 2.0.1 for Linux:
Sep 7, 1993
I've modified the sources of pcomm 2.0.1 to compile and run properly on
Linux with ncurses (that's the SYSV-compatible curses, not the bsd one).
If you really must compile with bsd curses, drop me a line.

Earlier effort suffered from SIGSEGV every now and then. This is completely
fixed. One other problem was the the initial dial did not get a carrier
signal. This is fixed by puttin '~' at the end of the init string.

Pcomm had trouble working with sz/rz. It would hang after sz/rz finished.
This has now been fixed. I've also patched sz/rz to display its output to
the screen so you can see the transfer in progress instead of a blank
screen. The patched sources are in the zmodem directory.

There are still problems with pcomm concept of a virtual screen causing
it to refreshthe screen incorrectly when switching to command mode (the
one with the status line at the bottom). This is visually annoying but
totally harmless. The screen will be updated correctly when you are back
to terminal mode.

I usually have ncurses.h live in /usr/local/include, with a curses.h linked
to it. You'll have to change the makefile if you configuration is different.
Make sure you are not compiling with the bsd curses.h (in /usr/include).

You may ingore, I've done the dirty work for you.
Read Readme before you compile. It is unlikely that you need to change
anything, but it helps if one is aware of the options avialable.
Ignore any warnings from gcc.

I suggest you read Doc.out before you embark on adventures using pcomm.

Zeyd M. Ben-Halim
10479 1/4 Santa Monica Blvd, LA, CA, 90025 (310) 470-0281
Zeyd M. Ben-Halim
10479 1/4 Santa Monica Blvd, LA, CA, 90025 (310) 470-0281

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