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 FIPS partition splitter v1.0 uploaded to sunsite and tsx-11
I have uploaded a new version of my program FIPS to
and It should appear soon as

Short Description:

FIPS is a program to non-destructively split DOS-partitions. You will
need a defragmentation program to move your data to the beginning of the

This the first official release after a long beta testing period. FIPS
has been used succesfully by many people on the Internet. The only
serious problem encountered was an incompatibility with OS/2, which is
adressed in detail in the doc. Please read at least the file readme.1st
before using FIPS.

FIPS is free under the GNU General Public License.

Direct all questions to

Long Description:

The program was inspired by the Linux Project. When installing Linux on
a PC that was used for DOS / Windows, many people want to retain a smal-
ler partition for their DOS software. However, since most Harddisks con-
tain only one large partition, you would normally be required to do a
complete backup, erase the partition and build two (or more) new parti-
tions. Then you would restore the backup to one of the new partitions.
This is a very time consuming activity and requires lots of diskettes
(why buy 50+ disks only to once backup and restore your HD?). FIPS was
written to remedy this problem. You can now split a partition without
losing any data, provided there is enough free space for the new parti-
tion at the end of the old one.

Changes from version 0.9 beta:

- Added code to detect the OS FIPS is running under (thanks to Dave
  McCaldon). This is to make sure that FIPS is not run in a multitasking
  OS. Does not yet detect OS/2 and Novell Task Manager.

- Some minor corrections for compatibility with Borland C++ 3.1/4.0

- Documentation revised, information about use with OS/2 added, features
  of DOS 6.x taken into account

- Select the start cylinder for the new partition with the cursor keys

- Automatically check for free space even before prompting for the
  new start sector

- Drive detection code changed, this hopefully solves the problem with
  the 'Too many drives found' error

- A {*filter*} bug in the partition reordering procedure that caused FIPS to
  fail in some cases was removed

Arno Schaefer
Technische Hochschule Darmstadt, Fachbereich Informatik

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Be sure to include Keywords: and a short description of your software.

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