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 Release 0.94 of the fvwm X11-window manager on Sunsite
Fvwm release 0.94 (source and binaries only) has been uploaded to sunsite,
as file /pub/Linux/Incoming/fvwm-0.93-source.tar.z and

Fvwm is a light-weight window manager which provides a simple virtual
desktop, a 3-D look for windows decorations, and color icons.

Memory consumption for Fvwm is about 1/2 to 1/3 that of twm.
Fvwm is targeted at machines with too little memory, and at laptops
on which mouse usage may be awkward. All window manager functions
can be performed (conveniently) without a mouse.

In this release we have the following new features:
1. Proper sub-menus
2. A separate window title font and a font for everything else
3. User-selectable cursors

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed some occasional crashes.
2. Fixed the drifting windows in the right and bottom pages
3. Xlock should now work.
4. Fixed the problem with xterms not getting solid/hollow cursors at the
   right times.

Note: If you want to use color icons, you will need to get the Xpm libraries:
 /pub/X11/contrib/xpm-3.2g.tar.Z for the Xpm library, or
 /pub/Linux/X11/libs, file libXpm32g.tar.z. for a pre-compiled shared
                       library of libXpm for Linux.
 /pub/X11/contrib/xpm1icons.tar.Z, sample icons
 /pub/X11/contrib/xpm2icons.tar.Z, more sample icons
 /pub/X11/contrib/xpm3icons.tar.Z, still more sample icons
 /pub/X11/contrib/ctwm-3.0.tar.Z, pull out the icons. ctwm has really nice
                        color icons.

Rob Nation

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