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 COMMERCIAL: Caldera Network Desktop now shipping
We are pleased to announce the First Preview Release of the
Caldera Network Desktop, a complete Linux-based operating system.

In addition to a complete Linux distribution from Red Hat Software, the
Network Desktop also includes many commercial components, such as a full
featured NetWare client, a graphical Desktop metaphor, and a commercial
font server.

The NetWare client automatically shows all NetWare servers and NDS trees
in your network within as filesystem objects.  NetWare filesystems are
transparently auto-mounted.  Other NDS objects are viewable.

The Desktop includes fully-configurable drag and drop, file typing, numerous
graphical configuration dialogs, and system administration tools.

The font server allows any X11 application to use TrueType, Type 1
PostScript, and SPEEDO fonts.  You can install third party fonts.

The Network Desktop features a graphical package-based installation to
quickly get you started and allow for easy system maintenance.

All those who purchase the First Preview Release and send in the
registration card will automatically receive the Second Preview Release
at no additional charge.  The Second Preview Release will include additional
commercial tools, and improved installation and documentation.


The Network Desktop runs on any Intel-based PC.  The Express Install option
requires 140 MB of disk space.  16 MB is also required for a swap partition.  
16 MB of RAM are recommended, but the Network Desktop will operate in 8 MB,
especially in text mode.  A CDROM drive is required to install the Network
Desktop, though the CDROM drive can be located on a machine connected via NFS.
A 3-1/2 inch drive is required to make boot disks for the installation.


The Caldera Network Desktop is available in a complete package with CDROM
and Getting Started Guide.  It is licensed for use on a single machine only.

U.S. customers:
        US$29 Network Desktop
        US$10 shipping and handling

        US$39 total for both shipments

Non-U.S. customers
        US$29 Network Desktop
        US$20 customs paperwork overhead
        US$20 shipping and handling

        US$69 total for both shipments

Again, these prices cover TWO complete shipments.  We apologize for the extra
international charges, which we must pass on from our fulfillment house, which
charges us $10 extra per shipment to addresses outside the U.S.  We are working
to lower these costs.

Send e-mail to for details on ordering.


        WWW:     http://www.**-**.com/

        Caldera, Inc.
        931 West Center St.
        Orem, Utah 84057

        Voice: +1 801-229-1675
        FAX:   +1 801-229-1579


Caldera, Inc. is committed to supporting the Linux development model
and will continue to contribute to Linux.  All source code to which we
have redistribution rights is included on the Network Desktop CDROM.

Caldera also intends to help increase the usefulness of Linux and spread
its influence by providing commercial additions to Linux.  Source code
for these commercial components is not available.

Send submissions for comp.os.linux.announce to:
PLEASE remember Keywords: and a short description of the software.

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