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First, I'd like to thank everyone for helping me stabalize fixperms
as a viable and useful application.  I keep making improvements and
(hopefully) I won't need to keep uploading "new and improved" versions
once a week!  Keep the great ideas coming!

This version adds file-type checking, checking the file to which
a link points, and a few other bells and whistles.

This distribution comes with source and can be found on sunsite in
either /pub/Linux/Incoming/fixperms.*.z or (usually)
/pub/Linux/system/Admin/fixperms.*.z (where * is version number).

Fixperms allows a sysadmin to set permissions on a list of files.
Fixperms also allows the creation of these lists so the permissions can
be set at a later date.

Fixperms would be especially helpful if a fixperm file were included
with program distributions such as mail and lpr.  Various programs in
these distributions need specific sgid and suid permissions in order to
work correctly.  Upon installation of mail, for example, fixperms could
be run to properly set the owner, group, and permissions of each file in
the package.

Fixperms allows the programmer of a particular package to create the
permissions file to send with a distribution to ensure proper owner,
group, and permissions upon installation.

If you have any questions, or bug reports, send to:

Anthony Hall (

Here's the LSM:

35:PkgName    = fixperms.0.30.tar.z
35:Title      = Fixperms - fix permissions of a list of files
25:Version    = 0.30
65:Desc1      = Fixperms allows uid/gid/permissions to be set on a list
65:Desc2      = of files.  Fixperms can also create a list of files
65:Desc3      = for setting uid/gid/permissions later.
65:Author     = Anthony Hall (
65:MaintBy    = Anthony Hall (
65:MaintAt1   =
65:PathFile1  = /pub/Linux/system/Admin
65:MaintAt2   =
65:PathFile2  =
65:Required1  = gcc compiler
65:Required2  =
65:Required3  =
65:CopyPolicy = GNU General Public License
65:Keywords   = fix permissions sysadmin utility
15:ApproxSize = 20000 bytes
65:Last3Rel   = 0.30  0.12 ALPHA  0.10 ALPHA
65:Comment1   =
65:Comment2   =
65:Comment3   =
30:CheckedBy  = Anthony Hall (
 8:Date       = 08AUG93

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