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 SVGA patch for gnuplot-3.4b and binary uploaded to sunsite
        I have uploaded a patch and binary of gnuplot-3.4b to sunsite
which allows the use of 1024x768x256 modes via the svgalib 0.6
maintained by Harm Hanemaayer (  I have modified
the svgalib to work on a Trident with 1024k (this will probably break
all the other memory configs, I hope not).

        If I receive no bug reports in two weeks, I will mail the
patch to the gnuplot maintainers for inclusion in further
releases.  If you want to compile it yourself, the patch is in
lumped in with the binary.  You will have to get the sources


------- README.linux

        This is my port of gnuplot-3.4b to Linux and the
svgalib v0.6 (with some extra patches to make the trident
driver work a little better, something similar should be in
svgalib v0.7).  To install it, type


This will install everything in the /usr/local heirarchy.
To change the installation point, edit install, but
gnuplot.gih should go in /usr/local/lib (if you don't like it,
compile it yourself).

        The patch file is vs. gnuplot-3.4b which is available on,, or your favorite gnu site.  If I
don't get any bug reports in two weeks, I will mail the patch
to the gnu maintainers.  The patch also supports the Linux tvgalib,
just remove the #define SVGALIB from term/linux.trm.  You
will have to include the correct libs to the Makefile (-lvga for
svgalib or -ltvga (or whatever) for the trident lib, also check the
includes in term/linux.trm if you are using the tvgalib).
If you get errors about a missing gamma function, make sure
-DGAMMA=lgamma is define in DEFS in the Makefile.

        The gnuplot binary does not require the static X11 libs
(unlike emacs).   If you don't have X11, just delete gnuplot_x11
before you install it.  For X11 users, both gnuplot and gnuplot_x11
are required.

                                Scott Heavner

 The Linux driver has only a few options.  You can select SVGA or a VGA
 screen and force chipsets if the svgalib fails to detect your chipset.
 Both arguments are optional.  If no chipset is specifed, it is
 autodetected (this option should really only be used if it is
 autodetected incorrectly).  The mode defaults to SVGA; if it is not
 available, it automatically drops to VGA.

         set terminal linux {chipset} {mode}

 Mode can be:
         VGA  - force 640x480x16 (useful for Tridents)
         SVGA - use 1024x768x256 (if available)
         S800 - use  800x600x256 (if available)
         S816 - use  800x600x16  (512k users, not available)

 Currently the following chipsets can be used with svgalib (v0.5):
         OAK (?)

 Other chipsets are supported to 640x480x16 as generic VGA.

 The current svgalib (0.5) doesn't handle Trident cards very well, if
 your screen is not restored properly, you will have to use the VGA

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