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I just released Xfilemanager V0.2.0.

Xfilemanager is a X11 based Unix filemanager that looks similar to the
Mircosoft filemanager and obtains Drag&Drop abilities.

- Drag&Drop
- Singlewindow ("Microsoft"-mode) or Multiwindow display
- a few desktop operations
- supports XPM-Icons or X11 bitmaps.
- customizable filetypedetection and usersworkspace (desktop)

Changes: Version 0.1.0 to Version 0.1.1
- X11bitmap support
- runs now on SunOS 4.1.3 (thanks to Jeff Jennings)
- should work with Ultrix 4.3-machines (thanks to Andre Beck)

Changes: Version 0.1.1 to Version 0.1.2
- some small bugs while moving file by draging them in directorywindows have
  been fixed.

Changes: Version 0.1.2 to Version 0.1.3
- The Clock-Widgetbug on Suns has been fixed
- The workspacesize will be saved and restored.
- The workspaceresizinghandler has been improved.

Changed: Version 0.1.3 to Version 0.2.0
- Targetdetection for draging files has been improved.
- Bugsfixes of some serious problems, especailly the workspaceeditor.
- system(3) call has been exchanged to be usable on Linux-Machines too.
- User-quotas for Ultrix. (Mail me the Imake-define and the quota-call for
  your system and I will implement it for your machine)
- The{*filter*}manual is nearly finished (has been a port of some 0.1.3 version - not all)

Machines supported:
HpUx, SunOs, Ultrix, Linux

Needs an ANSI-C compatible compiler (I tried acc and gcc)

I think there will be many other bugs, but I haven't found them yet
(except the menu-bug under X114, but I don't know the reason yet)

--------- (there are some other programs to. You are free to
                              use them too).

I will implement a mount-interface and a diskfreeinterface for root-users soon.
There are also these two function in the pulldown-menu which still need to be filled
with some life.
And there is also the beginning of a multiselection-mode. (Only same-filetype-executions
are prossible now - use the middlest mousebutton)
Perhaps the program will be divided into two part (the filemanager and a desktopmanager),
but this will take a while.

Comments, ideas and bugfixes are welcome. Flames will be ignored.
I hope you will enjoy it, if not, your problem.

My thanks to all gentle people who reported bugs. (They are to many to list them all here)

Bugreports, Comments and Ideas:
Send them to

Bye, Ove.

Product:  Request or statement (see above)
Warranty: Normaly less than half'n hour, but sometimes longer
Reason:   My opinion changes very quick cause it depends on creative
          processes of thinking and not on doctrins like common
          politicians do.

Ove Kalkan (

Below this line I could write a sentence of A.Lincoln, but he's
allready fallen to dust and it would be unfair cause he wouldn't be
able to correct his words.

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