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 kbd-0.81.tar.gz in
I have uploaded a new version of the keyboard utilities package, called
kbd-0.81.tar.gz, to It's in pub/OS/Linux/PEOPLE/Linus and
contains improved dumpkeys and loadkeys programs, a collection of
keytable files containing some all-new entries and updated versions of
the others, an utility to inspect the scancode and keycode values sent
by your keyboard, an utility to make the kernel default key mapping
table, more reasonable Makefile, much improved man pages for the
utilities, and last but not least, a man page actually describing the
format and syntax of keytable files. Both binaries and sources are
included. This package should work with 0.99pl12 and probably some newer

       Other people like awk too, although in these days of kitchen sink
       languages with chainsaw syntax and dishwasher semantics [see perl],
       it sure looks light-weight.                        --Ozan S. Yigit

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