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 ANNOUNCE: dbmalloc 1.14
Hello, Linuxers.

You can find the sources of Conor P. Cahill's debugging malloc
library (Version 1.14) patched for Linux 0.99.5 and libc 4.3 in

        /incoming               at
and     /pub/OS/Linux/incoming  at

now. It would be very nice if you distribute it over the net. Here
is what Conor writes about it (I've taken that from his README):


This package is a collection of routines which are a drop-in replacement
for the malloc(3), memory(3), string(3), and bstring(3) library functions.
These replacement modules are different from the original modules in that
they provide a full set of debugging features which detect malloc
memory overruns and other types of misuse.


I've made some short tests running the included test programs, but
I don't know if I've found and fixed all pitfalls. At least one
pitfall still exists (a problem with exit() and _exit() which may
result in an infinite loop), but I will write a message obout it in

There are also debugging functions for XWindow applications (XtMalloc,
XtFree, etc.). Take a look at README.Linux about that.

I have checked the X specific stuff by debugging xdtm-2.5. Xdtm is full
of bugs, and a lot of them have nothing to do with malloc(). It should
never be distributed. Please don't ask me to send you a debugged version
of it. PERHAPS I will put a fixed version on the net.

Dbmalloc is very usefull. After a very short time you may wonder how ever
you came along without it.

Have fun.

Harald Dunkel

Harald Dunkel             EMail:
Mauerstr. 56              Phone: +49 241 21 0 71
5100 Aachen, Germany

 Fri, 18 Aug 1995 23:33:41 GMT   
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