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 GDE for Linux available via gopher
The GDE (Genetic Data Environment, written by Steve Smith formerly
of the Harvard Genome Lab) has been compiled for Linux (the free UNIX
clone for 386 and above PC compatibles) by Jonathan Badger at the University
of Illinois.  In addition to Linux, GDE runs on Sun Microsystems machines
using SunOS 4.1.x, Silicon Graphics machines running Irix 4.0.x and on
the DECstation.

The GDE is a set of programs for multiple sequence alignment and analysis.
The programs use an expandable user interface which allows the addition of
external analysis functions without any rewriting of code.  Analysis functions
can be written in any language ('C',Fortran, PascalBasic, shell scripts), and
can be seamlessly merged into the systems menu/dialog box interface.

The Linux version of GDE can be obtained from the GDE archive at the
University of Montreal.  Point your gopher client at:


and select:

  -->  5.  GDE (The Genetic Data Environment)/
    -->  4.  GDE for Linux/

This directory contains the executable programs, Xview libraries (for
those who don't already have them), documentation and menus files.

For more information on gde or gopher, send email to:

Jonathan Badger
Tim Littlejohn

 Tim Littlejohn

 GDE Archive Administrator


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