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[Would some kind soul please upload the sg keyboard map to an FTP site?
I don't feel like making a call to Switzerland. :) --mdw]

Hi all,

I have changed the and created a (for
Dec's LK450 keyboard) to work correctly with a swiss-german keyboard.
Now it works the same as it does under MSDOS. The file is called:
sg-latin.tgz and contains the two above mentioned keymaps for pl12.

As I don't have any FTP-access I could only upload it to a BBS, so you
can find it on:

The Baboon's Kid:       +41 62 51 3401  (2:301/521)

Important note: you must have kernel pl12 and use the new keyboard utilities
to use these files.

Enrico Scotoni
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-- Baboon Bbs Internet GateWay Switzerland   fidonet 2:301/520 REC 30   --
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