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 version 0.7a of selectnews uploaded
I have uploaded the newest version of selectnews, version 0.7a, to (/pub/Linux/utils) and (/pub/misc).
It is the gzipped tar file called selectv.7.tar.z.

selectnews is an easy to use program that allows users to use subscribe
and unsubscribe newsgroups, using an intuitive interface.  selectnews
is designed with the user new to USENET in mind.

  track of last article read for all newsgroups

selectnews requires either the ncurses or curses library.  Enjoy!

35:PkgName    =selectnews.tar.z
35:Title      =selectnews news resource editor
25:Version    =0.7a
65:Desc1      =Allows users to easily subscribe/unsubscribe USENET newsgroups
65:Desc2      =for the first time by editing the .newsrc file.
65:Desc3      =
65:Author     =Eugene Kim,
65:MaintBy    =Eugene Kim,
65:PathFile1  =/pub/Misc
65:PathFile2  =/pub/Linux/utils
65:Required1  =either curses or ncurses library
65:Required2  =
65:Required3  =
65:CopyPolicy =HCS General Distribution License
65:Keywords   =news newsgroups USENET
15:ApproxSize =11443 bytes
65:Last3Rel   =0.5a
65:Comment1   =Fixes many bugs from previous version.  Very stable and
65:Comment2   =useable.  Curses version does not have arrow key support.
65:Comment3   =
30:CheckedBy  =Eugene Kim,
 8:Date       =22AUG93
=== Eugene Eric Kim ===========================================================
=== ====================================================
===        "Dangerous stuff, science.  Lots of us not fit for it."          ===
=========================================== -H.C. Bailey, "The Long Dinner" ===

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