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 Tbackup 0.6, new backup program uploaded
I've uploaded version 0.6 of tbackup to our local ftp site: ( in the directory /pub/linux/tbackup.

 tbackup06.tgz        : tbackup version 0.6 beta
 afio-2.3pgm.4.tar.gz : archiver program needed by tbackup06.tgz

Part of the README file from tbackup06.tgz follows:

  tbackup / trestore -- general backup system for Linux.

   This is public domain software.  Use it at your own risk.


Tbackup (three backup) is a package for making backups of your linux
filesystem.  It is primarily designed to make multi-megabyte backups
to a set of floppy disks.


Archiver programs such as tar(1), cpio(1) and afio(1) also allow making
backups to a set of floppy disks.   But tar stands for tape archiver,
it was not designed with floppy disks in mind.  You only need one tape
to back up a 100 meg hard disk.  But if you don't have a tape drive,
you need 50 or more floppy disks, and several things can go wrong:

1) disk 45 has a bad sector that can't be written to
2) disk 46 was not formatted
3) you forgot to insert disk 50 and `pressed enter' with disk 49 in the drive

Tar was not designed to handle such conditions gracefully. It will
abort on errors 1) and 2), and will not warn you about 3).  The only
way to correct the errors is to start over again at disk 1, and this is
hardly acceptable.

Tbackup was designed to recover from all the errors above (and a lot more).

For small backups of say less than 5 floppy disks you can just as well
use tar (it is even slightly faster than tbackup), but for big backups
tbackup is better.

The same goes for restoring a backup.  Tar will abort if disk 5 has a
read error, trestore will allow you to read disks 6-50.


1) For running tbackup, you need to have the following software:


   Afio is an archiver program that can be found at the ftp site in the directory /pub/OS/Linux/util/backup/
   as the file afio-2.3pgm.4.tar.gz .
   [The site carries a copy of this file.]

   Various other linux ftp sites carry an earlier afio version in a file
   afio-2.3.tar.z .  Tbackup will probably work with this version, but I
   haven't tested it so I recommend you get the latest version from

2) cd to the / directory and untar the tbackup archive.
   The files unpack to the directory /usr/lib/tbackup.

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