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 Joe uploaded to sunsite
Joe is a cool editor. I first found it when I got SLS, and so that
inspired me to run around madly compiling it for every platform I found.
It's ironic then that the version of JOE that comes with SLS/on sunsite
is _old_ (0.1.5, 0.1.2 I think) so anyways, I compiled 1.0.8 (very nice,
right out of the box, there's even a Linux makefile)..

I changed one thing, though: Linux's VCs are set (by default anyways) to
9600 baud, and stuff.. joe has an annoying (feature?) that delays and
scrolls if it's any lower than 38400 (what it assumes consoles are set)
I just replaced the 38400 with 9600..

It's in
and should be moved to ../apps/editors.

Anyways, if you don't like how I compiled it (that's with -m486,
GCC 2.4.5, libc 4.4.1) then it's in, /src/editors/joe*

I take no credit. The author is

-Hui-Hui Hu

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