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 Latest Linux e-mail/package listing
        For those of you who find that you never can find the
e-mail addr. of someone -- here is the latest Linux address list.
It contains the names and e-mail addresses of people specifically
related to certain Linux goodies. Conversely, you may find it more
useful to determine the contact person for a given software package.

This latest revision boasts over 140 entries Also, there have been a fair
number of corrections, so I urge you to dispose of any older versions.

Please send me any corrections / additions. I will post this to
comp.os.linux.announce whenever significant changes take place.
(If it actually becomes too large for here, it will find a home
on and as well.)


Paul Gortmaker c/o Microelectronics and Materials Technology Centre.
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, GPO Box 2476V, Melbourne 3001,
Victoria, Australia. Ph  (61) 3 660 2601. FAX (61) 3 662 1921.

---------------------snip snip -----------------------------

# Here is the latest release of the Linux Address List.  This list is NOT
# meant to show who has and who has not made significant contributions to
# Linux! It is merely to make it easier for people to find e-mail addresses
# of people associated with certain stuff.  Note that the names listed are
# most likely NOT Also note that the ordering is completely random, except
# for cases in which related topics have been placed together.
# This list was compiled by Paul Gortmaker from public sources (FAQ's
# postings, docs, etc.) and additions from other individuals. Unfortunately
# I can not vouch for the accuracy or correctness of these entries.  Please
# mail me any corrections / additions.  
# Date: September 10th, 1993
# Version: 0.7
# Format is the following fields:
#       Name:           (names)
#       E-mail:         (e-mail addresses)
#       Organization:   (optional, posted with news)
#       Addr:           (optional snail mail address)
#       Phone:          (optional phone number + optional FAX)
#       Note:           (optional note)
#       Stuff:          (package involved with)
# If a person does not want to be bothered, then
# they will have a "DO NOT DISTURB" in their "Note"
# field. Please respect their request.
# "E-mail:" fields are separated via a blank space.
# "Stuff:" fields are separated via. ",".

Name: Vince Skahan
Organization: We Don't Need No Steekin' MS-DOS
Stuff: newspak (news+mail+uucp stuff), UUCP/news/mail FAQ, Majordomo (mailing list daemon)

Name: Ian Lance Taylor
Organization: Infinity Development, Waltham, MA
Note: Read "UUCP Internals FAQ", posted to comp.mail.uucp,comp.answers,news.answers
Stuff: Taylor uucp, uucp

Name: Werner Almesberger
Organization: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zurich, CH
Addr: ETH Zuerich, CH IFW_A44
Phone: +41 1 254 7213
Stuff: LILO, dosfs, loop devices, IFS (Inheriting File System)

Name: Rick Sladkey
Stuff: NFS, mount, ups de{*filter*}, ash (BSD shell)

Name: Rick Miller
Addr: 16203 WOODS  MUSKEGO, WIS. 53150 USA
Stuff: device list, basic

Name: H.J. Lu
Organization: NYNEX Science and Technology
Stuff: GCC, bootdisk, rootdisk, pdksh, shared libraries

Name: Linus Torvalds
E-mail: torva...@klaava.Helsinki.FI
Organization: University of Helsinki
Addr: Pietarinkatu 2A2, 00140 Helsinki, Finland
Stuff: kernel, linux

Name: Orest Zborowski (Zorst)
E-mail: o...@Kodak.COM
Note: X11 bugs to
Stuff: X11 (XFree86)

Name: Paul Gortmaker
Organization: Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Addr: MMTC/RMIT, GPO Box 2476V, Melbourne 3001, Australia.
Phone: 613 660 2601
Stuff: linux address list, Ethernet HOWTO

Name: Qi Xia (Frank Xia)
Organization: Mathematics Department, Columbia University
Stuff: xiafs

Name: Remy Card
Organization: Laboratoire MASI - Universite Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris - France
Stuff: ext2fs, extfs

Name: Fred N. van Kempen
E-mail: wal...@uWalt.NL.Mugnet.ORG
Organization: MicroWalt Corporation Software Development
Addr: Hoefbladhof  27, 2215 DV  VOORHOUT, The Netherlands
Phone: (+31) 252 230 205
Note: DO NOT DISTURB (costs me $$$ for e-mail) -- Contact via. the linux activists NET Channel.
Stuff: Networking code (NET-2)

Name: Stephen Tweedie
Organization: University of Edinburgh Dept. of Computer Science, Scotland
Stuff: ext2fs

Name: Michael K. Johnson
Addr: 101 Schultz St., Chapel Hill, NC  27514, USA
Phone: 919-932-9215
Stuff: proc ps, KHG (Linux Kernel Hackers' Guide), META-FAQ

Name: Branko Lankester
Stuff: kmem ps

Name: Erik Troan
Organization: N.C. State University.
Stuff: ftp site

Name: Lars Wirzenius
E-mail: wirze...@klaava.Helsinki.FI
Organization: University of Helsinki
Note: c.o.l.a posts to:
Stuff: comp.os.linux.announce moderator, LDP (Sysadmin)

Name: Matt Welsh
Organization: Linux. It's not just for breakfast anymore.
Addr: 205 Gray Street NE, Wilson NC 27893  USA
Phone: +1 919 248 6378
Note: c.o.l.a posts to: (Matt Welsh)
Stuff: comp.os.linux.announce moderator, NET HOWTO, documentation coordinator, Linux Installation and Getting Started (author)

Name: Peter MacDonald
E-mail: sanjuan!pmacd...@sol.UVic.CA
Organization: University of Victoria, Victoria, BC, CANADA
Addr: Softlanding Software, 910 Lodge Ave, Victoria B.C. V8X-3A8, Canada.
Phone: 604 360 0188
Stuff: SLS (complete Linux distribution)

Name: Muhammad M. Saggaf
Organization: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Stuff: seyon, xrz, babaya, MuMail

Name: Thomas Dunbar
Organization: {*filter*}ia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Stuff: TeX, Milieu (5 disk Linux+TeX distribution)

Name: Eric Youngdale
Organization: Naval Research Laboratory
Stuff: shared libraries, GCC, tools, SCSI drivers/interfaces

Name: Drew Eckhardt
E-mail: d...@cs.Colorado.EDU
Organization: University of Colorado at Boulder
Stuff: SCSI devices/drivers

Name: Kris Gleason
E-mail: gleas...@rintintin.Colorado.EDU
Organization: University of Colorado, Boulder
Stuff: getty, getty_ps

Name: Michael O'Reilly
Stuff: term, Andrew Toolkit for X11

Name: Bruno Haible
Organization: University of Karlsruhe
Addr: Augartenstrasse 40, D - W7500 Karlsruhe, Germany
Stuff: clisp, maxima

Name: Zeyd M. Ben-Halim
Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 241-9760 guest)
Stuff: ncurses (SYS V curses)

Name: Yggdrasil Computing
Organization: Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated
Addr: Post Office Box 8418, Berkeley, California 94707-8418, United States
Phone: (510) 526-7531, Fax (510) 528-8508
Stuff: LGX (Operating system on CDROM based on Linux, GNU and X-windows.)

Name: Adam J. Richter
Organization: Yggdrasil Computing, Incorporated
Addr: 409 Evelyn Avenue, Apt. 312, Albany, California 94706, United States
Phone: (510) 528-3209
Stuff: LGX (Operating system on CDROM based on Linux, GNU and X-windows.)

Name: Mike Jagdis
Stuff: SYSV init

Name: Thomas Koenig
E-mail: i...@dkauni2.bitnet
Organization: University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Stuff: at (cron substitute)

Name: Robert Baruch
Organization: Nynex S&T, Inc.
Phone: 1 914 644 2415
Stuff: Device Driver Tutorial

Name: Larry Greenfield
Stuff: LDP (Users Guide/Intro)

Name: Karl Fogel
Stuff: LDP (Users Guide/Intro)

Name: Dan Miner
Stuff: LDP (Kernel Hacker's Guide)

Name: Rik Faith
Stuff: binutils packages, emacs, LDP (Man pages), SCSI Device Driver manual.

Name: Gavin Thomas Nicol
Stuff: LDP (Reference Manual)

Name: Linux Journal, Phil Hughes
Organization: THinc
Addr: P.O. Box 85867, Seattle, WA 98145-1867 USA
Phone: +1 206 524 8338, FAX +1 206 526 0803
Note: This project got the big SIGSTOP in Aug '93 but might get a SIGCONT in the future
Stuff: Linux Journal (magazine about Linux)

Name: Theodore Ts'o (Ted)
Organization: The Internet
Addr: 72 Marathon St.  Arlington, MA 02174, USA
Phone: (617) 253-8091
Stuff ftp site, serial drivers

Name: Jay Jana
Organization: JANA Publishing
Addr: (partial) Canada Remote Systems - Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 1-800-363-2083 or 1-416-538-2311 FAX 1-416-922-5597
Stuff: FAQ Linux Bimonthly CD-ROM Project

Name: Owen LeBlanc
Organization: University of Manchester
Addr: Manchester Computing Centre, University of Manchester, Manchester, M13 9PL
Stuff: MCC Interim Linux Distribution, fdisk, ftp site.

Name: Donald J. Becker
Organization: IDA Supercomputing Research Center
Addr: IDA Supercomputing Research Center, 17100 Science Drive, Bowie MD 20715
Phone: 301-805-7482
Stuff: Ethernet drivers, Ethernet card HOWTO

Name: Andy Oram
Organization: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
Addr: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. 90 Sherman Street, Cambridge, MA 02140
Phone: (617) 354-5800, fax (617) 661-1116
Stuff: DejaGNU - platform cross-compatibility testing            

Name: Arno Schaefer
Organization: IMAG Institute, University of Grenoble
Phone: (33) 76 51 79 95
Stuff: FIPS nondestructive partition splitter

Name: Jonathan Magid
Organization: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Stuff: ftp site

Name: Jeff Grills
Stuff: Dual-monitor patches to kernel.

Name: Jean Liddle
Stuff: xv (tiff+gif etc. previewer)

Name: Michael Haardt
Addr: Ruetscherstrasse 155/1703, 5100 Aachen, Germany
Stuff: MGR, Origami, LDP (Manual page template)

Name: Krishna Balasubramanian
Organization: Ohio State University
Stuff: SYS V IPC in kernel (standard as of 0.99pl10)

Name: Eric Negaard
Stuff: sendmail

Name: Rich Braun
Stuff: sendmail

Name: Nathan Laredo
Stuff: sendmail

Name: Peter Orbaek
Organization: DAIMI: Computer Science Department, Aarhus University, Denmark
Addr: Hasle Ringvej 122, DK-8200 Aarhus N, DENMARK
Stuff: Admin utils (login etc.)

Name: Ian Kluft
Organization: Amdahl Corporation, Open Systems Development, Santa Clara CA
Stuff: smail

Name: Zane H. Healy
Stuff: Linux BBS and FTP site listing

Name: Jeff Kopmanis
Organization: Msen, Inc. -- Ann Arbor, Michigan
Phone: (313) 769-6911 (home)   (313) 393-4784 (work)
Stuff: LSM (Linux Software Map)

Name: Kevin Sanders
E-mail: kevin%beac...@{*filter*}.net
Stuff: Chainsaw/Empire

Name: Gregg Weber
Stuff: wdsetup (West. Digital net card config program)

Name: William A. Arbaugh
Stuff: Lucid emacs (lemacs)

Name: Michael Bischoff
Stuff: xinfo (with gzip support)

Name: Art Smith
Stuff: Joystick Driver

Name: Thomas Uhl
Organization: Fachhochschule Heilbronn
Stuff: ftptool, xvmount

Name: Kai Petzke
Stuff: Postgres (Database)

Name: Mahesh Neelakanta
E-mail: mah...@{*filter*}
Organization: Metro Link, Inc.
Addr: 2213 W. McNab Rd. Pompano Beach,  Florida  33069
Phone: (305) 970-7353 or (305) 970-7351 (fax)
Stuff: Motif 1.2.2 for Linux

Name: Ross Biro
E-mail: b...@leland.Stanford.EDU
Organization: DSG, Stanford University, CA 94305, USA
Note: Mail for support
Stuff: Free e-mail Linux support system

Name: Michael Caro
E-mail: ACPS7...@RyeVm.Ryerson.Ca
Organization: None
Stuff: MIDI tclm

Name: Mike Jones
Organization: Mountain Alternative Systems
Addr: 6925 Waterwood Ct.  Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Stuff: Installation Support for Linux

Name: David Engel
Organization: Optical Data Systems, Inc.
Addr: 1101 E. Arapaho Road Richardson, TX  75081
Phone: (214) 234-6400
Stuff: Fsutil (front end for mk??fs and e??fsck), chlib (library maintenance program), fep (front end processor, command line editor),

Name: Howlin' Bob (Robert Sanders)
Organization: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia, 30332
Stuff: dosemu

Name: Miquel van Smoorenburg (Mike)
Organization: Cistron Electronics
Addr: Hoorn 186-190, 2404HK Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands
Phone: +31-1720-40005 Fax +31-1720-30979
Stuff: SysVinit, init

Name: Thomas Malik
Stuff: InterViews

Name: Bernhard Strassl
Organization: Vienna University Computer Center, Austria
Addr: Vienna User Interface Group, Institute for Applied Computer Science and Information Systems, University of Vienna, Lenaugasse 2/8, A-1080 Wien, Austria
Stuff: Xm++ / CommonInteract User Interface Development System

Name: Bill Riemers
Organization: CERN, European Research Center for High Energy Physics
Note: Mail with the subject "help"
Stuff: E-mail information server for Linux stuff.

Name: Bill Paul
Organization: Carnegie Mellon Computer Club
Stuff: Non-blinking cursor patch

Name: Paul Monday
Organization: Washington State University!
Stuff: System V/386 filesystem

Name: Jan Wielemaker
Organization: Social Science Informatics
Note: Mailing list avail. at
Stuff: XPCE, (SWI-)Prolog

Name: Delman Lee
Addr: Medical Image Processing Group, University of Pennsylvania, 4/F Blockley Hall, 418 Service Drive, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021, U.S.A.
Phone: +1-215-662-6780 Fax +1-215-898-9145
Stuff: atdisk2 (patches to use a second AT-type (16-bit) hard disk controller)

Name: Denise Tree
Stuff: Linux News

Name: Scott A. Laird
Stuff: NCSA XMosaic (X-based WWW (world-wide web) browser.)

Name: Mark Eichin
Organization: Cygnus Support -- Compilers & Kerberos
Stuff: Kerberos

Name: Hannu Savolainen
E-mail: hsavo...@cs.Helsinki.FI
Organization: University of Helsinki, Department of Computer Science
Stuff: Sound Driver

Name: Charles Hedrick
Organization: Rutgers Univ., New Brunswick, N.J.
Stuff: CSLIP, SLIP header compression

Name: Danny ter Haar
Organization: Cistron Electronics.
Stuff: Minicom

Name: Anthony Hall
Addr: Physician Micro Systems, Inc. 2033 6th Ave Suite 707, Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: 206-441-8490  
Organization: Lasciate ogni speranza, voi que entrate.
Stuff: Fixperms (ie. is rwsr-xr-x ok for ...)

Name: Marco van Wieringen
Note: See also Edvard Tuinder
Stuff: quota

Name: Edvard Tuinder
Note: See also Marco van Wieringen
Stuff: quota

Name: Manuel Serrano
Addr: (equipe ICSLA, Bat 8) INRIA-Rocquencourt, BP 105, 78153  Le Chesnay CEDEX, FRANCE
Phone: 39-63-57-32
Organization: INRIA * Rocquencourt BP 105 * F-78153 LE CHESNAY CEDEX* France
Stuff: Bigloo (Scheme compiler and interpreter)

Name: Mitchum DSouza
Stuff: GCC FAQ, amd (automounter for linux)

Name: Mika Liljeberg
E-mail: Mika.Liljeb...@cs.Helsinki.FI lilje...@hydra.Helsinki.FI
Organization: Helsinki University, Dept. of Computer Science
Stuff: tcsh

Name: Jeremy Bettis
E-mail: je...@tddi.UUCP
Organization: University of Nebraska--Lincoln  
Stuff: ECU (Extended Call Utility -- communications program)

Name: Robert Broughton
Stuff: ECU (Extended Call Utility -- communications program)

Name: Darren Hiebert
Organization: Rastek Corporation, Huntsville, AL
Stuff: Vim (vi clone)

Name: Patrick J. Volkerding
Stuff: Slackware Linux Distribution

Name: Mark Buckaway
E-mail: uunorth!datasoft!mark
Organization: DataSoft Communications (Toronto, ON, CANADA)
Summary: Audio CD player

Name: Grant Taylor
Stuff: printing guide

Name: Thomas McWilliams
Stuff: XC (communications suite)

Name: Nick Holloway
E-mail: al...@warwick.UUCP,
Stuff: Makedev (scripts for setting up the /dev directory)

Name: Gilbert Nardo
Addr:Migrant Computing Services, 1032 Irving Street, #435, San Francisco, 94122
Phone: (415)664-1032
Organization: NETCOM On-line Communication Services (408 241-9760 guest)
Stuff: blobs (vga demo using vgalib), nosey (mouse diagnostics)

Name: Robert Nation
Stuff: fvwm, rxvt, (low memory usage win mgr and xterm substitute)

Name: Ed Casas
Stuff: efax (fax software for class 2 modem)

Name: Andy Burnett
Organization: US Army Corps of Engineers Construction Engineering Research Labs
Stuff: GRASS (Geog. Resources Anal. & Support System - X11 map manipulator)

Name: Gert Doering
Organization: Leibniz-Rechenzentrum, Muenchen (Germany)
Stuff: mgetty, sendfax, (fax software)

Name: Corey Minyard
E-mail: egsner!wf-rch!wf-rch!miny...@utacfd.UUCP
Stuff: CD (CDU31A) driver (for SONY and Fusion CD-16)

Name: Eberhard Moenkeberg
Stuff: SoundBlaster CDROM driver

Name: Darren Atkinson
Organization: CSE/UCSD
Stuff: Felt (X11 finite element analysis system)

Name: Jason Gobat
Organization: CSE/UCSD
Stuff: Felt (X11 finite element analysis system)

Name: Bruce Tenison
Stuff: Octave (Matlab clone)

Name: Michael Klemme
Stuff: Plotmtv (data plotting package, with 2d/3d X11 postscript support)
Organization: Uni-GH Paderborn, Germany

Name: Brian Kimmel
E-mail: bri...@kimbro.SeaSlug.ORG
Organization: Connected INC -- Internet Services
Stuff: Kimbro system admin tools

Name: Andre Fuechsel
Organization: Dresden University of Technology
Stuff: WAVplay (sound player/recorder for Soundblaster)

Name: Terrance Swift
Stuff: XSB (Prolog-based Logic Programming System)

Name: Ronald van Loon
Phone: +31 30 506711
Note: mailing list avail. at
Stuff: Motif++ (Motif widgets encapsualted in C++)
Organization: University of Utrecht, 3D Computer Vision Research Group

Name: Ed Carp
Phone: 510/659-9560
Organization: Computer Security Technologies
Stuff: curses lsm interface, dfmon (intelligent "df"), hardware compatibility list, APS (anon. posting software)

Name: Carlos Puchol
Stuff: fgrabber (Frame grabber device driver with X11 interfaces)

Name: Rolf Ebert
Organization: Groupe Informatique et Systemes Energetiques  
Addr:   GISE EMP-ENPC La Courtine Cedex, F-93167 Noisy le Grand, France
Phone: +33 1 43044098 app 3475 FAX: +33 1 43046364          
Stuff: GNAT (GNU Ada translator/compiler)

Name: Bob Amstadt
E-mail: amscons!
Organization: Amstadt Consulting Group
Addr: 5059 Wayland Ave.,  San Jose, CA  95118
Phone: (408) 978-5743
Stuff: Wine (Windows emulator loader)

Name: Christoph Niemann
Organization: Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany
Addr: Binterimstrasse 1, D-40223 Duesseldorf, Germany
Phone: +49+211-317115
Stuff: Transputer (B004-board device driver)

Name: Olaf Kirch
Addr: Olaf Kirch, Kattreinstr. 38, 64295 Darmstadt, Germany
Stuff: NAG (Networking Admin. Guide)

Name: Kenneth Osterberg
Stuff: olwm, olvwm, XView, olgx, OpenLook

Name: Scott D. Heavner
E-mail: s...@fishmonger.nouucp
Stuff: Xearth

Name: Dennis Flaherty
Stuff: kermit (C-Kermit 189 with networking and rts/cts support)

Name: Ove Kalkan Ramz
Organization: Mechanikzentrum, Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, Germany
Stuff: Xfilemanager (a MS-Windoze type file manager with drag and drop)

Name: Dirk Zoller
Organization: Fachhochschule fuer Technik, Mannheim (FRG)
Stuff: Forth (C-based, stack oriented, extensible language)

Name: Johan Myreen
Stuff: Texas Instrument Travelmate/Gateway mouse driver

Name: Bhusan Gupta
Phone: +1.818.395.2162, FAX: +1.818.568.8670
Stuff: traceroute (TCP/IP IP packet tracer.)

Name: Joseph H Allen
Stuff: joe (editor)

Name: Karl London
Organization: You will be assimilated!
Note: These are all BSD 4.4 ports.
Stuff: mail.local (/bin/mail replacement), pmake, sendmail 8.5

Name: Michael Beck
Stuff: PC-Speaker device driver (/dev/dsp and /dev/audio)

Name: Peter Eriksson
Addr: University of Linkvping, Sweden
Organization: Lysator ACS at Linkoping University
Stuff: NYS Project (NIS YP DNS/Hesiod services)

Name: Curt L. Olson
Stuff: bsd games (port of all "traditional" bsd games)

Name: Andy Tefft
Stuff: bsd games (port of all "traditional" bsd games)

Name: Stephen Crane
Addr: Dept of Computing, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, 180 Queen's Gate, London SW7 2BZ, UK
Organization: Dept of Computing, Imperial College, England
Stuff: Small threads lightweight process library

Name: Arjan de Vet
Stuff: ash (BSD shell ported to Linux), INN (NNTP/UUCP news transport)
Organization: Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands

Name: Christian Bittner
Stuff: xvnews (OpenLook newsreader), xmailtool

Name: G.W. Wettstein
E-mail: wind!
Addr: Oncology Research Division Computing Facility, Roger Maris Cancer Center / MeritCare
Phone: 701-234-2833
Stuff: StopAlop (package maintenance and distribution facility)

Name: Eugene Kim
Stuff: selectnews (.newsrc editor interface)

Name: Ian Jackson
Organization: Linux Unlimited
Stuff: Lout typesetter (PostScript), Linux FAQ

Name: Ian A Murdock
Organization: The Debian Project
Stuff: Debian (yet another Linux distribution, cf. slackware, SLS, MCC ;-)

Name: Mark Boyns
Stuff: rplay (TCP based local/remote sound protocol) -- used by XTank - XPilot - olvwm - etc
Organization: San Diego State University, College of Sciences

Name: Nicolai Langfeldt
Stuff: Simula (cim -- simula to C translator)

Name: Jeff Epler
Stuff: POVray (ray tracing program)

Name: Rob Hooft
E-mail: ho...@EMBL-Heidelberg.DE
Stuff: (Graphics Libraries - DLL)

Name: Mitch Dsouza
Stuff: GCC FAQ, (DLL Xpm lib), libraries in general ;-)

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