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 Fep (Front-End Processor) Available for Linux
Paul Raines recently asked in comp.os.linux.development if anyone had
ported fep or ile to Linux.  I had ported fep a while back but never
uploaded it anywhere since it hadn't required much work to port.  I've
since re-ported it, eliminating most of the compilation warnings in
the process, and uploaded it to  Enjoy.

35:PkgName    = fep-linux.tar.z
35:Title      = Fep -- Front-End Processor
25:Version    = unknown
65:Desc1      = Fep is a program which provides command-line editing,
65:Desc2      = history, aliases and more for programs that don't have
65:Desc3      = these features builtin.
65:Author     = Kazumasa Utashiro, ported by David Engel (
65:MaintBy    = David Engel (
65:MaintAt1   =
65:PathFile1  = /pub/Linux/*/fep-linux.tar.z
65:MaintAt2   =
65:PathFile2  =
65:Required1  = Should work with any recent version of Linux.  The
65:Required2  = distributed binary requires libc-4.4.1 or later.
65:Required3  =
65:CopyPolicy = Copyrighted but freely distributable.
65:Keywords   = command-line editor history alias
15:ApproxSize = 64k
65:Last3Rel   = none
65:Comment1   =
65:Comment2   =
65:Comment3   =
30:CheckedBy  = David Engel (
 8:Date       = 14AUG93

David Engel                        Optical Data Systems, Inc.                      1101 E. Arapaho Road
(214) 234-6400                     Richardson, TX  75081

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