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 New version of IFS uploaded to Sunsite and tsx-11
I've uploaded a new version of the kernel-based Inheriting File System
(IFS) to
The file is named ifs.5.tar.gz

(Note: its size has to be 22304 bytes. There was a corrupt version for
 a few hours on both sites, which had a size of 25755 bytes. If you've
 downloaded it, please get the new version. Sorry for the inconvenience.)

This is a maintenance release that fixes several bugs in version 4.

Note that smount has changed. If you have an older version of smount,
you have to replace it in order to use IFS 5.

IFS allows one to mount a "pack" of file systems, where "upper" file
systems inherit files from the "lower" layers. Changes are performed
only on the top level file system. IFS is similar to Sun's TFS.

IFS is still experimental. It can be added to 0.99pl11, ALPHA 0.99pl12
and possibly also to 0.99pl10 kernels.

I've attached the CHANGES file.

- Werner

---------------------------------- CHANGES ------------------------------------

Changes from version 4 to version 5

  - fixed hang when trying to access inherited devices
  - fixed ftruncate bug
  - protected mount data structure by a magic number
  - added mount option "cache" to enable naive caching (undocumented and
  - removed bogus warning when reading a socket inode
  - several minor bug fixes

  / Werner Almesberger, ETH Zuerich, CH /

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