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 Simula for linux updated.
Now in the incoming directories on, and linux-i386.cim.tar.gz. Available imediately from in pub/cim/linux.cim.tar.Z (don't get linux.cim.tar.Z
from sunsite or funet, they are old versions, settle only for
linux-i386.cim.tar.gz from them)

* General stuff:

This is cim for linux. A Simula to C translator and full compilation

If you want to learn how to program in Simula you can find the example
programs from Bj|rn Kirkeruds book "Object-Oriented Programming with

It was compiled with gcc2.4.5 and version 4.4.1 of the libraries.

This is a binary only distribution since the author of cim want some
controll over the source.

* Instalation notes:

You need version 4.4.1 of the shared library images /lib/
and /lib/ Cim installs into
/usr/local/{bin|man|include|lib}. These paths are hard coded into cim,
and to change it you will have to binary edit cim, or set up symlinks.

To actually install do 'su' so you're root, and type 'make install'.
Then do 'make test' to check your instalation.

Asker 930906,

Nicolai Langfeldt,, "Use the source, Luke"
Ask me about Linux: Free 386 Un*x clone, including X-windows,
networking, ansi c compiler (gcc), all the utils you ever wanted.

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