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 C-Kermit 189 with networking and rts/cts support
I have compiled and uploaded release 189 of C-Kermit from Columbia
University to tsx-11 and sunsite as ckermit-189.tar.gz.

I got the sources from,
unpacked it, and applied the patch included in this tarchive as
ckermit-189.patch.  The patch was originally given to me by Rick Sladkey
( and seeing that it was still necessary for RTS/CTS
hardware flow control, I worked it into 189.  I then compiled the
linuxgcc2net target, stripped the executable, and placed it in the file
"kermit" in this tarchive.  I run gcc-2.4.5 and libc-4.4.1.

To activate RTS/CTS hardware flow control, you need to place the line
    stty crtscts < /dev/modem
in your /etc/rc.local (replace /dev/modem with whatever your out-going
serial port is, if it isn't /dev/modem).

I've included ckcker.upd from the distribution, which details what is
new in this release.

Please let me know if you have any problems with this binary.

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