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 at-2.7 uploaded to tsx-11 and sunsite

I've uploaded at version 2.7 to and
It should appear in the correct directories soon.

Version 2.7 fixes a minor security bug with supplementary group
IDs, fixes problems with funny working directory names, allows
access control and proviedes default queues for at and batch
with lower priorities.

Here's the lsm entry:

Title        = at
Version      = at-2.7
Desc1        = At is an implementation of at(1) for running commands at
Desc2        = a specified time.  It features time specifications such as
Desc3        = at now + 10 minutes or at tomorrow 3:00 pm, and user
Desc4        = permissions.
Author       = Thomas Koenig
AuthorEmail  =
Maintainer   = Thomas Koenig
MaintEmail   =
Site1        =
Path1        = /pub/linux/sources/usr.bin/
File1        = at-2.6b.tgz
FileSize1    = 26358
Site2        =
Path2        = /pub/Linux/system/Daemons
File2        = at-2.7.tgz
FileSize2    = 28095
Required1    = crond
CopyPolicy1  = GNU Copyleft
Comment1     = David Parsons ( wrote the time parsing
Comment2     = routines for 2.0; many thanks to him!
Entered      = 10MAY94
EnteredBy    = Thomas Koenig
Thomas Koenig,, i...@dkauni2.bitnet,
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logarithmic diagram.

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