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 PAW is available from

We have ported some parts of CERNLIB 93d (this version is not yet
officially released!) to Linux. Files are downloaded to (standard CERNLIB distribution server) in

Please, see  /README.cernlib and /cernlib/rules - CERNLIB is not a
public domain.

The installation has been made on:

     PC AT-486DX2-66, 32 MB RAM, Adaptec 1542c, SCSI-2 500 MB HDD,
     ATI VLB mach32, SMC8013 Ethernet Card

     Linux SLS 1.02
     Linux kernel 0.99pl9 with ipc delta
     GCC 2.3.3 DLL Jump 4.3
     f2c 9 Aug 1993 with modifications
     XFree86 1.2 DLL Jump 3.0pl0

This is NOT a full implementation of the standard CERNlib distribution.
Only PAW, CMZ, PATCHY and corresponding libraries are ported .

About CERNLIB, PAW, CMZ and PATCHY - see below extraction from CERNLIB

The CERN Program Library is a large collection of general-purpose programs
maintained and offered in both source and object code form on the CERN central
computers. Most of these programs were developed at CERN and are therefore
oriented towards the needs of a physics research laboratory. Nearly all,
however, are of a general mathematical or data-handling nature,
applicable to a wide range of problems.

The library is heavily used: for instance on the CERN IBM 3090 (which runs over
2000 jobs per day), the average job loads more than 25 subroutines from the CERN
library. The library is distributed in source form to several hundred
laboratories and computer centres outside CERN.

Contents and Organization of the Library

The library contains about 2500 subroutines and complete programs which are
grouped together by logical affiliation into little over 450 program packages.
80\% of the programs are written in Fortran77 and the remainder in C and in
assembly code, usually with a FORTRAN version also available.

A unique code is assigned to each package.  This code consists   of one letter
and three or four digits, the letter indicating the category within our
classification scheme.  A package consists of one or more related subprograms
with one package name and one or more user-callable entry names, all described
briefly in a ``Short write-up'', and if necessary, an additional
``Long write-up''.
+-----+                                                            +------+
| PAW |                    CERN Program Library                    | Q121 |
+-----+                                                            +------+
Author(s): R. Brun, O. Couet, N. Cremel-Somon, P. ZanariniLibrary: PACKLIB
Submitter: R. Brun                                   Submitted: 10.02.1988
Language:  Fortran                                     Revised: 01.10.1989

                  PAW - Physics Analysis Workstation Package

PAW is a program package to assist physicists in the analysis and
presentation of their data. It provides interactive graphical presentation
and statistical or mathematical analysis, working on objects familiar to
physicists like histograms, event files (n-tuples) and vectors.
+--------+                                                         +------+
| PATCHY |                 CERN Program Library                    | L400 |
+--------+                                                         +------+
Author(s): J. Zoll                                           Library: none
Submitter:                                           Submitted: 31.01.1972
Language:  Fortran                                     Revised: 15.01.1977

                          Source Code Maintenance

PATCHY and the associated auxiliary programs serve in development,
maintenance, and inter-computer transport of source programs. Suitably
structured source files containing several versions of a given program
permit code selection and code modification (down to
single-statement-level) by simple control cards to YPATCHY. Compacting and
structuring of card files for efficiency (YTOBIN), maintenance of
compacted files at the deck level (YEDIT), creation of
machine-independent, transportable files (YTOCETA) and listing of
compacted files (YLIST) and others are simple auxiliary operations in this

CMZ - an advanced, interactive, fast, self-documenting, customizable and
machine-independent source code management system with special emphasis
on FORTRAN and C source code.

Files will be changed according corrections in sources up to
final 93d release ones or twice per week. Please, send requests
and questions to "".

This work was done by Victor Balashov and Anatoli Lomov and supported by
CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) and JINR (Dubna, Russia).

Anatoli Lomov / JINR - CERN CN/CE
Tel: (+041-22) 767-23-44
Fax: (+041-22) 767-71-55
Post mail address:   CERN, 1211 Geneva 23,  Switzerland

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