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 Linux 0.99 patchlevel 12 released
As promised, the 0.99.12 kernel made it out this weekend: it's
essentially the last ALPHA-pl12 with some minor changes that shouldn't
break anything (famous last words) while they should be a boon
especially for NFS users. pub/OS/Linux/PEOPLE/Linus now contains the 0.99.12 kernel
as both full source (linux-0.99.12.tar.gz) and as patches against pl11
(linux-0.99.patch12.gz).  It's usually easier to get the full sources:
expecially due to some cosmetic fixes the patches are pretty large.

Note that kbd.tar.gz (at the same place as the kernel) has been updated
yet again to fix some problems with the Swiss keyboard mappings.  Hope
that caught the last of these problems.  Also note that the manual pages
in kbd.tar.gz aren't up-to-date but that the format of the keyboard
files shouldn't really pose any problems as they are pretty self-
explanatory (the man-pages will be fixed eventually, probabably not by

Also note that the pl12 kernel is more strict about routing entries, and
that there is a bug in the 4.4.1 library which may make adding routes
extremely difficult (especially if you try to add a C-net route that has
been subnetted from a B-net).  Libc-4.4.2 fixes the problem, but if you
don't use subnetting or any other special netmasks, you'll never see the
bug anyway.

I'm including some of the README so that people can see what's new..


PS.  The network card configs are now in the main "make config", but you
should check the net/inet/CONFIG file as well anyway.  Also, the 3c509
driver is probably not functional yet, so don't get too e{*filter*}d.

        Linux kernel release 0.99 patchlevel 12

These are the release notes for linux version 0.99.12.  Read them
carefully, as they tell you what's new, explain how to install the
kernel, and what to do if something goes wrong.

NOTE! There has been some indication that gcc versions older than 2.4.5
result in bad kernels being built: 2.3.3 will fail even to build the
kernel, and I have at least one report of trouble with a 2.4.3-built
kernel that went away when the kernel was recompiled with 2.4.5.

CHANGES since 0.99 patchlevel 11 and earlier:

 - The memory manager cleanup has continued, and seems to be mostly
   ready, as proven by the ease of adding mmap() over NFS with the new
   routines.  So yes, the pl12 kernel will demand-load your binaries
   over NFS, sharing code and clean data, as well as running shared
   libraries over NFS.  Memory management by Eric and me, while the NFS
   mmap code was written by Jon Tombs,

 - ** IMPORTANT **: The keyboard driver has been enhanced even further,
   and almost everything is completely re-mappable.  This means that
   there is a new version of 'loadkeys' and 'dumpkeys' that you must use
   with this kernel or you'll have problems.  The default keyboard is
   still the US mapping, but if you want to create your own mappings
   you'll have to load them with the new binaries.  Get the 'kbd.tar.gz'
   archive from the same place you get the kernel.

   The new keymappings allow things like function key string changes,
   remapping of the control keys, and freedom to remap any of the normal
   keyboard functions: including special features like rebooting,
   console switching etc.  The keyboard remapping code has been done
   mostly by Risto Kankkunen (Risto.Kankku...@Helsinki.FI).

 - updated network drivers by Donald Becker

 - updated serial drivers -

 - updated 387 emulation (Bill Metzenthen).  The updated emulator code
   has more exact trigonometric functions and improved exception
   handling.  It now behaves very much like a real 486, with only small
   changes (greater accuracy, slightly different denormal NaN handling
   etc - hard to detect the differences even if you are looking for

 - network timer fixes by Florian La Roche (much cleaned up net/inet/timer.c
   and some bad race-conditions fixed).

 - Scsi code updates by Eric Youngdale and others

 - Sony CDU-31A CDROM driver by Corey Minyard added to the standard
   kernel distribution.

 - The Mitsumi CDROM driver is now part of the standard kernel.  Driver
   by Martin Harriss with patches by (yes, he
   probably has a real name, but no, I haven't found it) and Jon Tombs.

 - various other minor patches (preliminary ldt support etc)

[ rest deleted ]

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