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 kmem-based ps for 0.99.pl12
[Note: You don't need to get this if you use the proc-based ps by Michael
Johnson et. al. Some people prefer the kmem ps, and will need to upgrade
ps for each new kernel release. This is not necessary for proc-based ps. --mdw]

I uploaded ps-0.99.12.tar.z to sunsite today (in the Incoming directory).

This is just a hacked ps-0.99.11b that works with the latest version of
the kernel (v0.99.12).

For those who don't know, this is the kmem based ps.  I have a certain
affinity towards the kmem based ps and top.  That's why I did this

Make sure you either rename your /usr/src/linux/tools/zSystem file
to "system", or make a link:

ln -s /usr/src/linux/tools/zSystem /usr/src/linux/tools/system

Nothing has changed as far as functionality.

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