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 Creating a base SysV init file system
Hi all,
   I'm working on an embedded PC product (Celeron 533/128MB RAM/256MB
CF) running RTLinux v3.1 with kernel 2.4.18.  I plan on running a
small RAM disk to handle frequently updated data (I have dynamically
generated web pages) and having a utility to copy some small parameter
files from the RAM disk to the CF when they are changed (not a
frequent occurance).

   I'm been using Linux for two years now, but this is the first time
that I've had to create a file system from scratch and I'm a bit
overwhelmed.  I've beem reading the linuxfromscratch stuff and
everything else that I've been able to scrounge from the web, so I
have good guidance, but I was hoping that there was some magical setup
utility which could create a base SysV init filesystem for me.  Does
such a thing exist?  Has anyone modified the RH install stuff to do
such a thing.  (That's what I was considering doing)  

   In fooling around, I was able to get my CF card formatted as ext3
and I have a bare, GRUB booting, non-SysV init filesystem installed
and functioning with my custom kernel, but it was a pain in the {*filter*}
to get to that point.

   Does anyone have any guidance on how to proceed?  Should I just
follow the linuxfromscratch method and manually create my filesystem?
Are there some magic utilities to do what I need to do?


  Jim Evans      jrevans at accusort dot com

 Mon, 17 Jan 2005 14:05:13 GMT   
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