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 mpi on ds20
We have a number of DS20's in our department and some of us have
teaching ourselves how to employ their parallel computing capabilities
fortran-based codes.

We have the following licensed software on these machines:

DFABASE541 installed Compaq Fortran 90 and 77 V5.4A (u1) for Compaq
Tru64 UNIX Alpha Systems
DFARTL394  installed Compaq Fortran RTL #394 for Compaq Tru64 UNIX
Alpha Systems (f90 and f77)
HPFLIBS185 installed Compaq Fortran V5.4 High Performance Fortran
Runtime Libraries V1.8-5

So I tried a Compaq example:

where j.f90 is a Compaq example code. Here is what I get:

File is not a regular file

Am I missing some package ? I have tried to download the CMPI kit from
HPC site but after I fill out the required info I get sent to a Page
Not Found
webpage. I subsequently sent e-mail with this problem to
only to receive the answer that what I am doing works for them.

Thanks in advance,
Department: Mathematics, NJIT
Office    : Cullimore Hall, Rm. 608
Phone     : (973)596-5626
FAX       : (973)596-6467
E-mail    :
URL       : http://www.**-**.com/ ~peterp/

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