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 Need Help With X
Hey all, I have a problem.

I am running 4.2 stable on an ATI RAGE FURY 32 AGP
it ran fine on my little 14 inch monitor doing 800x600 at 16bpp/32bpp

however, I pickedup an AOC Spectrum 7GLR
and have not been able to get X properly going since then

the offical specs on the monitor are

H/V Sync : Positive Negative

Scanning Frequency: V-Freq: 50HZ-160HZ
H-Freq: 30KHZ-95KHZ

the resolution iwant to run is 1024x768 or 1280x1024

in the manual and in windows the monitor runs each at
1024x768 at 68.7KHZ by 85HZ
1280x1024 at 91.1KHZ by 85KHZ

however, no matter what ispecify in either the graphical config or
xf86config i still can not get the monitor to display properly i did look
at the XF86Config file but I can not understand which lines i can
specify the frequencies on.. the X seems to be off in the ranges by
quite a bit.. never even hitting 80 - 90KHZ usually under 50HZ regardless
of how much i alt+ alt- through the ranges..

Thanks in Advance


 Tue, 28 Oct 2003 09:06:09 GMT   
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