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 Multi boot 95 & freebsd on old 486
I have an old IBM PS/1 486 box that I want to turn into a gateway, it is
currently configured with
20mb   memory
3.2g     WD disk part1 1.9g  win95, part2 freebsd
On board video & sound
currently running win 95a

My problem is with the old BIOS in the PS/1 and the EZ-DRIVE software that
came with the drive (boy did I forget that (thanks Master Boot))

Now my question. When I tried to install freebsd 4.1 on part2 and tried to
create the root file system it said that the drive was too big. I understand
the 1024 c limitation and the translation that EZ-DRIVE does but is there
some way around this.

I looked at LILO {*filter*}I am going to have an OS running before I can look at
the manual.

                        Thanks in advance

 Fri, 12 Sep 2003 16:53:28 GMT   
 Multi boot 95 & freebsd on old 486

Ok, i never actually tried this with freebsd but i linux i did this:

Mbr:LILO(boot loader)
First partiton: Windows (512mb)
Second Partition:  Linux /  (Whatever u need)
Third Partition: Linux /usr  (whatever u need)
Fourth Partiton: Linux /home (Whatever u need)
Fifth Partition: Windows D: (rest of disk)

The trick is to leave both boot-partitions within the first giga of the
harddisk(or something 812 dont remember excatly), then after the OS is booted
windows or linux takes over the control of the harddisk controller and then
windows or linux kan easyli read the rest of the harddisk.

Hope u can use this with freebsd as well the princip should be the same, i just
dont know how to do it in freebsd , bicors i have not that much experience with


 Fri, 12 Sep 2003 21:42:57 GMT   
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