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 Anonymous ftp privilege prob!
Had ftpd working perfectly, spawning from inetd as root, anonymous
access was perfectly set up...
My ftp home directory was /usr/home/ftp...

and then

I had some space probs on /usr, so I decided to move ftp home dir to a
huge /usr2.

so now home is /usr2/ftp.

I moved my old ftp dir to this new location, with permissions and all
intact (as far as I can see) and I also edited /etc/passwd's ftp user's
home directory to be /usr2/ftp, as well as /usr2/ftp/etc/passwd to also
show this change...

and now

when I try anonymous ftp, I get '550 Can't set guest privileges.'

oh why oh why?

/usr2/ftp is owned by root, group is operator and permissions set to
555, as per ftpd instructions.
what am I missing here?  been reading a lot of mail archives, and
everybody seem to get theirs working by doing just what I've done so


 Sat, 25 Oct 2003 20:19:28 GMT   
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